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An essential part to web development is front end development. Websites would cease to exist without it. Front end web development is the coding that goes into the design and user functionality of a website. It’s what allows visitors to the site to interact with the web page. All the parts of the website that visitors see and interact with are built using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages by a front end developer.

Why is having a strong front end so important? According to Inter Live Stats, there are currently over a billion websites on the internet. Over a billion sites in existence means having a functioning, captivating website is absolutely necessary in standing out on the Internet. Outsmart Labs knows this and has a dedicated team of developers who specialize in front end web development.

Our front end team knows that the tools and knowledge needed for front end development are constantly evolving. Outsmart Labs stays on top of the new trends and evolves right along with the tools and knowledge. Our dedication to being on top ensures that we can deliver top line websites to our clients. There are 2 main goals for our front end of website development: accessibility and performance.

Accessibility means that we ensure that the website we build for you has cross platform (desktop, phone, tablet for example) and cross operating system (iOS and Android for example) compatibility. Different mobile devices have a wide range of screen resolutions and sizes. You’ll need front end developers who can account for all these quirks while creating the code for your website. Outsmart Labs front end developers know that having a mobile version of your website that works on a multitude of devices is integral to having a high traffic website.

Performance means having a quick render time, a speedy website, and a functioning website. People want websites that deliver content and products instantly. Having a slow website or broken links or pages can be the death of any business. At Outsmart Labs our frontend developers work with you to perform QA runs that debug the site and test the speeds. By the time your website is deployed online, you’ll have complete confidence that its performance will exceed your expectations.

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” - Paul Cookson

Front End Development continued

Outsmart Labs understands the importance of having a clean, working design for a website. We’ll work with you to analyze your business needs and develop a website that addresses all your needs. Some of the services included with our front end development include:

  • PSD to HTML conversion – We’ll turn the site design from Photoshop into a reality in html
  • Responsive design – A high function design is essential in keeping visitors
  • Responsive frameworks – We’ll imbed frameworks that’ll help your website come alive
  • Widget development – We’ll develop widgets for you that are relevant to your businesses’ needs, like a social sharing widget.
  • Content management system driven web design
  • Strenuous testing and debugging before website’s deployment to ensure a functional launch
  • Dedicated developers working with you to craft your new website

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To Summarize:

When you trust OSL with the creation of your dream website, we’ll provide you with a responsive, clean, state-of-the-art website worthy of admiration. We see our front end developers as conductors of an orchestra. Like conductors are able to bring together wind, brass, and string instruments to a harmonious sound, our front end developers bring together design, performance, and technical programming for a harmonious website. Let us bring together your website with our front end development team by contacting us today.

“Technology over technique produces emotionless design.” - Daniel Mall

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