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Ecommerce Development: The Perfect Digital Storefront

For brands who sell products, ecommerce is one of the most important parts of sustaining a business model. As consumers spend more time shopping via online and mobile sites, ecommerce becomes almost as time consuming as running a brick and mortar store. Staying competitive in an ecommerce environment is a challenge, your competition is just a search way and there are many sites advertising the same product sometimes for an even lower price point. Convenience of location is not an advantage in ecommerce; instead advantages lie in clean interfaces, high search rankings, and ease of payment.

While you can physically just put your items on a shelf and let customers look, ecommerce website design requires attention to detail, tedious time writing product descriptions & effective copy, and taking high quality visuals to make your product stand out. Ecommerce web design can be even more extensive than a regular web design if you have a lengthy product list. With no clear cut standard for ecommerce web development, it takes a professional or someone with experience building platforms to understand what to anticipate.

Businesses make several key mistakes when approaching ecommerce web development. Low social proofing is one primary pitfall as customers associate a brick and mortar store with legitimacy compared to online sites. Linking to social media sites with a low follower base or having a website with not too many product reviews or testimonials also can harm the trust factor the website gives off.

Ecommerce websites benefit from good SEO practices as well, especially when it comes to creating page copy and product descriptions. Making sure you have the right length for you web text and hit on keywords can make your product easier to find for search engines, which gives you more traffic. Avoid issues such as how to deal with seasonal products or how to redirect pages when items are out of stock. Also paying keen attention to internal link building and user friendly search URLs does wonders for your user experience.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” - Cameron Moll

Ecommerce Development continued

Ecommerce development can be a serious headache for established brands and can also wreak havoc on emerging brands looking to break into the market. We understand the nuances of ecommerce website design and we work with clients to identify what’s important for their ecommerce site and how they can tweak certain strategies to raise ecommerce sales. Some important aspects we look for when when working with ecommerce clients include:

Visual Hierarchy

Pages with poor visual hierarchy fail to guide a visitor’s eyes to the correct actions on their webpage. These are usually the results of poorly designed websites that lack any structure, do not take advantage of accent colors to highlight important page actions. Eyes are attracted to large page elements and abusing these for non-important messages not directly tied to sales can ruin your ecommerce website development.  

Ecommerce Checkout Flow

The main goal of ecommerce is to get your audience to proceed to the checkout cart and provide their information for purchase. The ease and mobility of this can be the difference between a sale and a disgruntled user. Designing a checkout flow with compatibility for mobile is very important. Also, avoiding annoying forms, and lengthy information fields will definitely make your customers happy.

Ecommerce Web Navigation

Using “breadcrumb” navigation can be effective for vast ecommerce websites that need a secondary navigation guide. This can help you organize your product into logical product categories and these categories will be a huge relief for your user base.

Your Ecommerce Development partner

To Summarize:

The daunting checklist for ecommerce is enough to deter even the most experienced of website designers. Letting your brand take the easy way out with third -party ecommerce templates can be expensive in the long run, pose great security risks, and leave you limited in your SEO and design strategies. Work with Outsmart Labs today for a robust ecommerce development website design that is guaranteed to raise sales for your business.

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