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Is Blog Development for You?

In the digital age, effective communication is key.  Using a blog can be a way for your business to reach a multitude of people. In order to have a blog, businesses must be aware of blog development. Otherwise, they run the risk of their blog becoming stagnant. Some business may question what is blog development and how it’s different from website development. Blog development is a specialization of website development. It’s the creation of a blog either through a blog hosting platform such as WordPress or building a blog from scratch to natively post on a company’s website.

Blogs are a popular tool for communication online. Companies use them to make big announcements, advertise events, share branded material, and keep on top of industry related news. Blogs are relatable for businesses and people alike. Having a strong blog with a personality can be a useful tool for businesses.

Some companies may choose to have a WordPress blog and either link it to their website or integrate it into their website. WordPress offers a lot of options and we at Outsmart Labs know how to work with both options.  Instead of drowning in the large sea of options with WordPress, when you work with Outsmart Labs, we navigate through the options to form the best WordPress blog design for your needs.

If using WordPress doesn’t appeal to you, we’ll pair you with a blog developer at Outsmart Labs and create a custom designed blog for you. Updating ease and maintenance are important to us and with that in mind, we’ll work with you to create a design. We want you to be able to share any content or events with your audience with little effort.

Regardless of using a blog development platform or having us create coding for a blog for scratch, we aim to create top blogs for our clients. New product announcements and business events can create a lot of leads.  The more visibility a blog has, the further the reach and the greater the potential for new customers. Blogs can also help with brand loyalty by keeping customers aware of the goings on of the company.

“Websites should look good from the inside and out.” ― Paul Cookson

Blog Development continued

With Outsmart Labs we’ll create the perfect blog for your company.We’ll customize it to your posting needs, be it written content, photos, videos, calendar events, or all of the above. Our services include:

Design and blog creation

We’ll collaborate with you to meet your needs and suggest brand-centric options.

Embedding the blog into your website 

We’ll create a fluid experience when moving from website to blog.


We’ll make sure your blog is functioning at optimal levels.

Blog update training 

We’ll show you how to quickly post content on your blog and stay-up-to-date with any major changes to the functionality and design.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll outline best practices to ensure your blog content is optimized for search rankings.

Your Blog Development partner

To Summarize:

An interesting and up-to-date blog can excite and invigorate a business. It allows your customers to feel like they’re a part of your business by keeping them in the know. Working with Outsmart Labs will make creating a blog a breeze. Don’t let your blog fall through the cracks, elevate your communications with blog development at Outsmart Labs today!

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more fascinating.” – Andy Warhol

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