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Strong Backend Development is the Key to Functionality

For many people, back end development is a mysterious enigma that exists in the digital age. Back end web development is the creation and management of servers, applications and databases that make websites possible. Back end developers use languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python to create the necessary framework to store the website’s data.

Front end development vs back end, what’s the difference? Front end development is concerned with the appearance and interactions or usability of a website. Having both a backend developer and a front end developer is essential for the well being of any website. Both types of developers need to work with each other to create a melodic user experience on a website. At Outsmart Labs, our backend devs seamlessly enable our front end developers to create top notch websites.

In a world dominated by digital devices, website functionality has a heightened position of importance in all industries. According to Pew Research, 1/5 of Americans admit to going online constantly and 73% report going online at least daily. With so much attention being diverted online, it is a gold mine of opportunities for businesses to capture attention and increase their revenue opportunities through both conversions and lead generations.

Outsmart Labs knows that behind the scenes of a website lies complex layers of development.  We employ back end developers to ensure that all the underlying framework of the servers, applications, and databases function at full capacity for our clients.  We know the importance of not only having a website but also keeping the website functional at all times.

Here at Outsmart Labs, our backend developers work directly with our clients in order to best understand their business needs. We then translate those needs into clean ordered code and create the blueprint for their website. Having a strong blueprint makes for a powerful website for our clients.

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” - Orson Welles

Backend Development continued

At Outsmart Labs, we value quality and precision in our work. We make sure that our backend devs work with you to perfectly capture what you want in a website. They’ll develop the necessary framework with all the requirements you need. Outsmart Labs is able to give you complex back end applications to serve any of your needs. Our services include:

  • Backend dev for web apps
  • Backend dev for mobile apps
  • API development
  • Content management systems
  • Client relationship management
  • Rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure everything is in working order before going live
  • Maintenance of servers, applications, and databases to keep things running smoothly

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To Summarize:

A well-running website is like an orchestra – it takes many instruments working together to create beautiful music. Much like how websites take both front end developers and backend developers to create a well functioning website. Developers need to implement code not just for the side of the website that users see but also for the side where the functionality of the website is determined. Contact Outsmart labs today and we’ll create a harmonious backend development experience for you.

“Technology over technique produces emotionless design.” – Daniel Mall

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