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App Development, the Future of Digital Development

People use mobile applications constantly and app development makes that possible. App development is the creation of applications for a multitude of mobile platforms. Mobile platforms such as Android, RIM, iOS, and Windows Mobile exist on phones and tablets. Apps can’t just be created for one platform and copied to another.  An app creator needs to be familiar with the rules for each platform in order to have the mobile app work. Each platform has its own rules on how they operate which, affects app creation.

With how complex it can be to make a cross platform app, it’s no wonder businesses are wondering how quickly they can make an app to support their business. Here at Outsmart Labs, we have seasoned app makers who remove that question for our clients. Not only does Outsmart Labs know how to develop an app, we make managing one and updating it simple too.   

The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are prevalent everywhere. Pew Research Center found that in 2015, 72% of people in the U.S. owned a smartphone. Being able to market your product or your business on a phone means that you’ll have the ability to be with potential customers constantly.  Consumers want information instantly and having an app will let you be only a tap away.   

With Outsmart Labs, we know considering user experience is an important part in app development.  Apps need to function well for a business and create an enjoyable experience for the customer.  How well a mobile app works helps customers define and recognize brands. When we create apps for our clients, we consider their needs and how their customers will use their app. We make a seamless experience to maximize lead generations and conversions on apps.

Having an app creates lots of new opportunities for your business. Brand visibility and exposure is increased due to the reaching of more people using smart phones. Mobile apps make a business more accessible by being instantly available to people from anywhere. Support costs should also go down with a custom design app from Outsmart Labs. We make sure customers are able to navigate and find what they need on the apps we create.

“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” - Jared Spool

App Development continued

Outsmart Labs treats app development as an investment for the future of your business. With a growing number of people using mobile devices, we know it’s important to craft an app that will reach and be usable for your customers. Our app developers will create a custom experience for each of our clients.  Our app development services  include:

  • Development expertise in cross-platform development, including iOS and Android
  • User-centered approach at app development
  • Custom mobile app design and creation
  • Mobile quality testing before publishing
  • Meeting industry specific security needs
  • Publishing the app to the market
  • App updates to follow any new software updates on the platforms

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To Summarize:

Mobile apps don’t just help create new leads for you, but they can also benefit your customers. Gain instant traction with customers by increasing their benefits with mobile apps. On apps, customers can get notifications for events you organize, new product availability, and even schedule appointments. By contacting Outsmart Labs now, we’ll work with you on app development to create the perfect app for your customers.

“Technology over technique produces emotionless design.” – Daniel Mall

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