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The Power of Visual Content

When it comes to social media, clever copy just isn’t enough. As of early 2016, reported that 2.307 billion people in the world were active social media users. This is a global number, so keep in mind that these users span all 7 continents and speak a multitude of languages. So, what can a brand do that will speak to all people of all nations? They can incorporate visual content in an effort to connect everyone.

This is where we come in. Whether it’s stunning photographs, unique illustrations, infographics that are chock full of knowledge or videos with a international twist, there are plenty of ways to reach your audience outside of the written word. Do not let your brand be held back because your company doesn’t have access to the right resources. At Outsmart Labs we are here to take your brand and personify it through visual content.

There are many kinds of different visual content, and not every type will work best for your business. With the experience of many seasoned professionals in multiple areas of digital marketing behind you every step of the way, all of your visual content will be created to fit your unique business. We always assess every situation as a unique one. Although our last client may have had great success with an illustrative campaign, we may feel that your company and brand would be better explained through snapchat videos and branded photographs. No one Outsmart Labs’ client is like another.

While every piece of visual content has the chance of reaching a tremendous amount of people, it is our job to eliminate the ‘chance’ as much as possible. It’s important to know your audience and create the right visual content to peak their interest. We’re the experts and we’ll show you not only how to achieve this, but also how to make it work in the long-term.

"Visual Content must attract attention, entice action and inspire advocacy." - Donna Moritz

Visual Content continued

Visual content needs to vary based on your company’s or individual project’s overall goal. Over time, we’ve learned that some of the best ways to promote visual content is to cater anything we do to the particular company we are working with. What makes your company stand apart is how you utilize visual content to positively reach your target audience. Some of the types of visual content we tailor to fit your needs include:

Branded Photos

Stunning photos of your products, company outings and more with your logo and brand colors can enhance any social post.

Custom Illustrations

Have unique illustrations or comic strips created to represent your business and showcase the fun side of your brand.


Infographics are a great way to combine the printed word with supporting images to help promote or explain your products/services/company/project.


Create an animated video to let your audience know what your brand is all about. Animations allow for different types of visuals.


Short videos are the perfect way to show off the best traits of your business and allow users to get a sense of your brand.


Your Visual Content partner

Your Visual Content Partner

Overall, you just cannot avoid visual content when it comes to having a successful social presence. The most important thing is understanding the types of visual content that best fit your company or individual project’s need. We’re here to help from beginning to end, and we aren’t happy until you are. Trust in the professionalism of Outsmart Labs and contact us today to help you figure out your social media visual content needs!

"It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual." - Allen Klein

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