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Decipher the Inaudible with Social Listening

In business social media is all about communicating with your customer base and the number one most underrated skill in communication has to be listening. In any business, listening is essential for building trust and learning new information to make better business decisions. Social media gives brands the unique opportunity to track conversations based around key phrases and leverage this new information into to their personal communication strategies. This practice is now widely known as social listening.

Twitter generates more than 500 million tweets per day with stories ranging from personal user anecdotes, compliments, and even complaints regarding businesses encountered daily. However, not every single conversation regarding your brand gets a mention to your social media channels. Social media monitoring helps tackle the conversations happening about you in addition to the conversations being held with you.

Brands oftentimes fail at responding to conversations and social mentions with over 7 out of 8 messages to brands going unanswered. This can be a troublesome when taking into consideration that buying decisions are positively and negatively tied to how a customer is treated. With younger demographics this can be even a bigger issue because people often rely on social media to make informed buying decisions.

While it’s impossible to manipulate the social conversations happening about your brand, with a great listening strategy you can position yourself to anticipate potential business issues and improve your customer service skills. You can also reach out to organic influencers and people advocating your brand and reinforce their influencing with creative sponsorships and feedback. Users are more openly voicing their frustration with brands and this is just as important as any angry email, letter or call to your customer service department. Businesses who identify key phrases, markets, and influencers to track will learn valuable information about their competitors and how they relate to the same social audience. Social listening is all about analyzing the reason your brand is being engaged, and creating a deeper insight into the relationship with your customers.

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Social Listening continued

Social Listening is not as easy as just using a good eye or a good ear; it requires thorough planning and a great listening strategy to match your business needs. Brands interested in implementing social listening tools into their communication needs often should consider the following when analyzing social mentions:

Monitoring Tools

Social monitoring tools are helpful softwares we implement with our clients to help track a range of communication insights. We can track the virality of URLs, popular keywords, and hashtags using tools like Buzzsumo and Keyhole. We also can assist clients with tools such as Google Alerts for filtering mention alerts based on location or region.

Social Monitoring Strategy

For new clients who still find social tracking a huge challenge we can take your business needs and create the perfect strategy for monitoring social mentions. We can help find popular keywords in your market to track, choose the right platform for you to monitor, and prioritize your monitoring needs based on just feedback, popularity, or actual customer service needs.

Sentiment Analysis

A sentiment analysis is an important social listening tool in order to determine the tone behind a certain brand mention or conversation. We can help clients determine whether a brand mention is either positive, negative, or neutral using unique tools that helps us analyze brand reputation.

Your Social Listening partner

To Summarize:

Every business that cares about customer communication has to also care about their brand’s reputation. The digital marriage between company and customer runs the risk of divorce if all the communication is one sided. Contact Outsmart Labs today in order to ensure the effort you put into your social listening is just as strong as your social marketing.

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