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When first hearing the term “Editorial Content” you may find yourself a bit confused. This term means different things to different people. However, in the world of digital content marketing, editorial content is the opportunity for your website’s content to shine without the primary goal of trying to sell your products or services.

Regardless of the industry you specialize in, there is always information that the public is in the dark about. Anyone not directly tied to your industry may be confused by what you know to be simple, everyday concepts. This is where editorial content can add value to your online presence, industry and overall validity as a company or individual. Taking the time to educate and inform your clients and customers about specific aspects of your industry builds trust. Trust in your brand leads to more conversions. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

That’s why we aim to work with all of our clients to craft a customized editorial content plan to help them succeed on social media and in their overall business. Editorial content will primarily appear on websites in the form of blog entries, but informative page content, press releases and promoting all of this content through posts on social media are all vital to the success of any content produced.

Social media is vital to the lifespan of any editorial content. While the primary goal is to provide valuable content for your users without pushing a product or service upon them, it’s still important to share this content with potential clients and customers. The more seasoned and informed you come across in regard to your web presence, the more likely it is that potential clients and customers will reach out to you. This is how you can gain long-term business. By building trust through editorial content, your clients are more apt to trust you. Obviously, any type of web presence simply nudges the door open to generate leads for your business. Your product or service will be what kicks that door wide open.

"Content is a Commitment, Not a Campaign." - Jon Buscall

Editorial Content continued

While editorial content can manifest itself in multiple forms, it’s important to tailor the editorial content you decide to use in a way that is most beneficial for your brand. Here are a few types of editorial content we provide to help boost your website ranking and also inform your current and potential clients about the ins-and-outs of your industry.


By providing topical, informative and audience-appropriate material in the form of informal blogs, your website will benefit in multiple ways.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts created for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networks can help you show off that personal side of your business.

Press Releases

Although press releases often promote your business, we know how to find what is newsworthy and how to promote it in an unbiased manner to liven your business up.

Content Calendars

Careful planning is key! Our content calendars are tailored to provide unique content for your blog, press and social media channels to help your keep current, and future campaigns on track.


Your Editorial Content partner

To Summarize:

A well thought out editorial calendar is vital to creating solid content for your business or individual project. What is most important in this process is to have a game plan that will work long-term for your business or individual project. If your project is in its beginning stages and needs time to be developed, an adaptable editorial calendar will be what helps bring your project to the forefront. Are you prepared to set up the editorial strategy for your business? Do you feel poised for success? Contact Outsmart Labs for your editorial content needs today!

"Traditional Marketing Talks At People, Content Marketing Talks With Them." - Doug Kessler

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