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Community Management to Engage with Your Beloved Fans

The driving initiative in digital marketing is building relationships and that can take on various forms throughout the whole marketing process. Community management is often a term people confuse with social media management even though the term carries a totally different workload from the normal maintenance of social channels. Community management involves adding a human touch to your online communication. Adding an element of empathy to your business can help create a communal bond between your brand that is necessary for brand reputation.

While social media management revolves around being a moderator, upholding the social image and delivering great content, the social management role creates communities, encourages discussions, and gives the end user an actual human representative to relate to. By nature when humans find communities they like they are inspired to share that community with others. Some companies have established huge forums where communities congregate to share ideas, help each other with troubleshooting issues related to company products and even share ideas of new product innovations. These are all useful updates companies can take note of.

Community management looks beyond the huge engagement numbers and the rate of content produced and instead focusing on more qualitative measurements and how each mention relates to the big picture of the brand. Social customer service is important to a brand trying to stay afloat in the torrential waters of brand opinions. Effective community management requires effective social listening skills and understanding the appropriate times to respond and engage with an audience base.

Building a social community also requires scouting new people to add to that community and engaging with other well-known social hubs outside of social media. For example, a software development company may put to task a community manager to engage with customers on popular software forums or platforms like Github to share expertise and continue position that brand as an authoritative figure on the market. These are the first lines of influence for a company and can set the tone for the guidelines and behaviors for other brand advocates to follow.

“Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and it’s happening with or without you.” – Charlene Li

Community Management continued

Brands who often integrate social community management into their regular day-to-day social media strategy run the risk of ignoring key tactics involved in building a strong community. Although both facets should be used together for a better online customer service strategy, a social community requires the careful planning of certain important key areas of interest. Here at Outsmart Labs we look into a few different aspects of building a strong social community including the following:

Community Guidelines

Community guidelines are crucial for creating an ethos for your brand, humanizing it with a moral standard. The Internet can be a pretty cruel place at times and very sensitive topics when handled incorrectly have plummeted the brand reputation for some companies. More importantly, most social platforms have established community guidelines set in place and keeping end users aligned with these guidelines can build trust and create a protective environment.

Interactive Development

There are various ways to develop a strong community with a manager that focuses on new ways to create development. Engaging in amusing commentary with users, running social contests and surveys, welcoming new members, and even promoting existing community members to new leadership roles are all ways to continue progressing a growing brand community.

Social Listening

Social listening requires attentive focus on conversations happening on all digital channels. Community managers and social listening strategies go hand-in hand as community managers can fill in online customer service gaps for your company. By analyzing the data from social listening tools companies can respond in ways that prevents negative brand chatter and encourages a positive reputation.

Your Community Management partner

To Summarize:

Community management is just as important as social marketing for your business KPIs. Your community is an extension of your brand and can be a valuable source of earned media and word-of-mouth advocacy if nurtured correctly. By working with Outsmart Labs you guarantee yourself a winning community management strategy to grow and retain your customer base.

“Facebook is not your friend. It is a surveillance engine.” - Richard Stallman

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