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Anyone who’s ever moved over info from one website to the next can attest it’s almost as difficult as moving into a real apartment. Heavy weighted furniture can be synonymous with huge media files and categories that require attention to detail. Without taking the appropriate measures, migrating a website from one server to another can be a potential disaster. Switching over to a new CMS system can be just as bad.

Most brands who aren’t tech savvy fail to plan ahead for a website migration because they never see it coming. Would you move into an apartment with the intentions of moving out a year later? A complete website migration can happen because of an interest into a new hosting server or just a new web relaunch. Most times a lot content isn’t optimized for a seamless move which can be detrimental to your SEO strategy. Moving WordPress sites requires a long checklist of task including exporting databases, and using FTP for moving files.

For companies interested in a content migration working with a professional team can make the entire task less of a daunting experience. Website movers can handle the whole process from backing up files, reconnecting to new or existing servers and even handling domain hosting issues. Companies may have websites that existed on the same server for years, meaning extensive time in cleaning out and zipping archives.

Website Redesign SEO strategies are also brainstormed during the website migration process to make sure that companies do not lose their place in certain SERP rankings. Redirects and developing new pages requires blocking access to pages for spiders and bots which index pages. Before a migration can be considered successful the attention to detail needed in analyzing all SEO configurations is essential to keep your new site ranking high. This is why the entire process of a website migration is underestimated.

“SEO’s are the new real estate developers. Our skillset gives us an amazing opportunity to develop an audience on the cheap.” – Brian Provost

Website Migration continued

If you’re still confused about the whole website migration process, don’t worry we’re here to help. The process is one of the hardest tasks for a webmaster and even some digital marketing agencies. Here are a few key elements we look for when helping our clients migrate content or full website archives:

Pre Migration

Before a host migration we make sure everything is archived as much as possible to ease the process. We make sure to archive all old URLs and create a system for new URLs. We also create or analyze sitemaps, and even look over robot.txt files to make sure that spiders who crawl your sites for indexing have access, and to make sure any disallow rules established does not interfere with search rankings.

Site Architecture

Site architecture techniques include different task communicated between clients for your new web hosting design. URL mapping occurs to match URLs from your new previous site to your new website, and URLs are analyzed to make sure no duplicate emails exists. Top linked-to pages have priority in being exported and redirects are placed on pages under development.

FTP Processing

For CMS systems like WordPress, rich media files and text files are often transferred to new hosts using a File-Transfer-Protocol system. For clients using cPanel files are zipped and transferred as well. We also assist in importing this content into a new database to ease reconfiguration.

Your Website Migration partner

To Summarize:

Focus on your business goals and let the professionals handle your entire website migration. Host migrations can be daunting, new SEO redesigns can give you headaches and reconfiguring your new site can be a definite challenge. Contact Outsmart Labs today to get the professional help you need for your website migration issues.

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