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Search Engine Strategy Overview

Search engine strategy is one of the biggest challenges digital marketers face today. A study from Smart Insights highlights 50% of organizations doing digital marketing yet not having any strategy behind their efforts.

Finding and choosing a way that impacts the bottom line, utilizes the strengths of teams and stays away from weaknesses isn’t for the faint of heart. We all face this challenge and the selections made can impact an individual, teams, departments and an entire business.

Search engines are a global marketplace. Impressions surpassing that of traditional media. What does this mean? It’s simple. Factoring in organic rankings with paid opportunities, means that this global marketplace has many moving pieces. What we know for certain, today, is that search engines will continue to be very important to businesses for the foreseeable future.

Why is Search Engine Strategy Important?

Most business owners have dedicated their entire professional life to knowing their business. Outsmart Labs digital marketers have nearly done the same in their respective field. We see both sides of the coin. A business owner with a mobile app wants to be #1 on the app store for a specific query. That’s great. But, can you effectively manage a team or person to do that, without knowing what needs to go into it? No. You can not. Without projecting the outcome of ranking #1, it may not provide the traffic, leads, downloads, etc. that the business owner expected.

Because tactics make a strategy, chasing tactics as they present themselves is not a viable business model. Things like “rank higher for this keyword” and “get me listed here” is a short-term approach to a long-term strategy. At Outsmart Labs, we firmly believe search engine strategies determine:

  • How long will it take to see results.
  • How many people will be working on the project.
  • Will other resources be needed (design, development, copy, etc.)
  • What results can be expected.

Search Engine Strategy Planning

Search engine strategy planning can be very complex. A digital marketer has many available tactics always readily available. Just think.. a typical SEO audit can be 40-pages long.  From that, nearly two pages of recommendations, with prioritized SEO tasks. What’s more, the landscape changes at an astonishing rate. Outsmart Labs believes these sort of projects can only be defined by those immersed in search engine production work. Those that are seeing the results, going to conferences, writing on industry sites can truly say what will and won’t work. Clients can rest assured that when it comes to defining a project, Outsmart Labs is truly the expert on SEO.

Key factors include:

  1. SWOT analysis – Competitive overlay
  2. SEO audit – Full analysis and competitive overlay
  3. Analytics environment – Historical data analysis
  4. Business requirements – Sales cycle, resources, goals


“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work” - Peter Drucker

Search Engine Strategy continued

Prioritizing Search Engine Strategies

The Outsmart Labs digital marketing team have not only defined strategies, they are challenged with planning resources accordingly to the clients availability and demands. What is most important is not who is doing what, but defining what it truly takes to complete new search engine strategy endeavors.

Search Engine Strategy Execution

The best strategy on paper may still yield little-to-no results. What makes the different from taking a strategy on paper a campaign or project award-worthy is ensuring top-talent teams are armed with the time and the requirements to execute quickly, efficiently and effectively. At Outsmart Labs, we believe the following areas connect our creative SEO strategists to project execution:

  • Benchmarking
  • Goal setting
  • SEO project timelines
  • Resource tracking
  • Traffic forecasting
  • Project postmortems
  • Regular status updates

Your Search Engine Strategy partner

To summarize:

Whether you have the digital marketing team, but are lacking the execution component, the Outsmart Labs SEO team can help ensure any team is setup for success.

Internal team or working with an agency, isn’t it time to have a second look at your current SEO strategy? Contact us today and our SEO team will be happy to help create the best search engine strategy to fit your needs.

"SEO plays a major role in language of the World Wide Web as a noun, adjective and verb." - Todd Malicoat

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