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Mobile Search Has Caused A Mobilegeddon in SEO

In case you haven’t noticed yet, mobile devices are creating a momentous shift in our daily lives. Even the king of the search industry, Google, released a new statement concluding over 50% of searches are now coming from mobile devices. For marketers, this can change a myriad of small factors that can help or hurt your business. While this does not distinguish between mobile search apps or a mobile search site from a web browser, it does prove that most searches are happening on the go and away from stationary desktops.

For emerging brands looking to climb the SERP ladder this means a lot when it comes to screen size. People want answers as fast as possible and attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. Low pagerank positions mean more scrolling which could hurt traffic if people are not willing to thumb scroll through pages to find your listing. This also means Adwords can be an effective option now that they get primary positions in the linear hierarchy of the screen.

Google takes into account mobile search when creating its own algorithms as well. If your website isn’t readily designed for mobile, this results in a slash in page rankings. Bounce rates can raise if your page takes too long to load on a mobile device which will also hurt analytics. The trend predicts mobile searching will only continue to take over the desktop market. Brands have to learn to think for the small screen first before scaling up to larger devices.

Technology pushes the world to move, think, and function faster while increasing efficiency. The mobile landscape is ubiquitous and puts a whole new audience of leads at arms reach for businesses. Understanding the behavioral patterns of users can make mobile searching an easier vertical to manage for your marketing strategies.

“You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.” – Stoney deGeyter

Mobile Search continued

We believe in helping brands maximize their visibility across all digital platforms. It is clear mobile search is the definite future of search engines and we have the resources to assist brands in this exciting transition. Here are a few important aspects we introduce to clients when looking to improve their mobile search rankings:

Page Speed

Page speeds are an important metric that does not get enough attention from marketing professionals. For websites that focus on engaging UX experiences and high quality rich media, this can result in slower page load times for your mobile device. Back in 2010, a new algorithm for ranking desktop page speeds sent ripples throughout web development forcing people to clean up slow pages. Clients can run diagnostics and code pages to improve page speeds.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization means optimizing keywords for the land of mobile search. We can help clients chose predictive search terms that mobile users are frequently relying on instead of typing out long responses. Also shorter keywords in general are better for search since mobile users are stuck with smaller keyboard which can make typing long phrases awkward. Brevity is key with mobile search.

Hyper Local Search

It naturally makes sense a huge chunk of mobile search is for things local to mobile users. Clients should keep this in mind when figuring out how to target a local demographic. A person on the go is more liable to search for the nearest local restaurant or grocery store instead of the best restaurant 500 miles away. Not to mention mobile searches are usually tied to predictive results based on geolocation services.

Your Mobile Search partner

To Summarize:

Mobile search is here to help connect audiences and brands in a more convenient way without being tied to a desktop. There should be no reason why your brand isn’t taking advantage of the wonderful benefits a mobile search optimized campaign or website can bring. Contact Outsmart Labs if you’re ready to take the leap into developing the best strategy to improve your mobile search rankings.

“If content is king, then links are queen. Build a network of quality backlinks.” – Richard Burckhardt

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