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Link Building: It Takes a Village To Raise a Rank

Most SEO experts agree link building might be one of the hardest strategies performed in digital marketing. That being said, its value in raising page ranks is among the most valuable techniques thanks to the level of difficulty involved in doing this. How do you convince someone that linking to your site is in their best interest? Blogs and other websites who have the authority you would seek out for a link building relationship already understand the power in a link and won’t be so open to just linking to any website. Not to mention, the pool of authoritative websites is small, meaning there are potentially other people competing with you for these opportunities.

The process that goes into link building can be best explained by understanding the algorithms that goes into search engine rankings and understanding how a hyperlink functions. Simply put, link building is the process of getting a site to link back to your site to improve credibility. There is a positive correlation between the number of quality links to your site and your place in search rankings because of how Google functions. Beyond just spiders and bots, links are great at bringing more unique traffic to a certain web page.

There are multiple strategies to approach building links that most companies seem to aim for. One of the most popular strategies is targeting local influencers or experts for interviews or features which they often tend to their share on their own personal sites. Some other creative link building strategies include finding local directories, sponsoring events, and building press articles that people will link to.

We encourage all businesses to experiment with SEO link building because it is a great way to encourage brands to connect not only digitally but in the real world as well. Beyond the algorithms and page crawls, it fosters a sense of connectedness amongst related businesses and forces brands to rely on each other in what can be a competitive marketing environment.

“Social media is about connecting with customers in a meaningful way – a way the customer determines is meaningful.” – Duane Forrester

Link Building continued

Link building is simply about bridging digital connections with other influencers on the web. Businesses prefer working with professional agencies in order to avoid the stress of having to break their necks trying to reach out to other domains. Here at Outsmart Labs we consider a range of important aspects in link-building when working with clients including the following:

Anchor Texts

Anchor text is an important part of links because they are used by search engines to decipher what the topic of the page being linked to will be about. Anchor text is already emphasized in SEO for its classification uses and also for helping to improve CTR rates from end-users. Also we can help assure any anchor text are not overused which can negatively affect search rankings.

Quality Linking

Google and other search engines take link quality very seriously and there have  been numerous websites that have been penalized and even banned for illegal link practices. Link schemes including submitting links to paid directories are frowned upon and can be a pain for unsuspecting businesses looking to boost SEO. We strive to make sure all of our clients only receive quality links that will lead to growth and not frivolous penalties.

Content Optimization

Link builders all agree creating content can be a good way to get great high quality links. Running a blog and posting content no one else has coverage on will garner you high quality links from publications. Not to mention quality content leads to better shares and engagement rates. By adopting several RSS feed strategies we can make sure websites will scrape your site for content.

Your Link Building partner

To Summarize:

Step out on a limb today and earn the rankings you desire by building up your website’s authority. Building links is a tedious project that takes weeks of research and reaching out to various networks online. There is no doubt a collection of high quality backlinks can a be a great way to boost your brand or business and provide great traffic in the process. Contact Outsmart Labs and start nurturing the perfect link network to grow your business today.

“SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules.” – Jordan Teicher

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