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Keep up with the Competition with a Competitive Analysis

Running a small business can be a challenging conquest and competitors can make the challenge even harder. While “staying in your lane” is usually the philosophical rule of thumb for dealing with competition, in the digital marketing this could not be further for the truth. While traditional market analysis is done with SWOT grids and focusing on unique selling propositions, competitors in digital marketing are scrutinized for very different things.

A digital competitive analysis is a convenient tool to use to not only determine what SEO strategies your competitors may be using but to also what keywords to avoid in order distinguish yourself from your competition. Competitors with a higher domain authority will tend to outrank sites with less link popularity for the same keywords. This forces digital marketers to consider other keywords in place of more popular ones in order to take advantage of the lack of competition and regain visibility.

Suppose you and a relevant competitor in your industry are building leads off of the same search terms. If you continuously see your competitor ranking above you in SERPs, then that means they have a found a successful SEO strategy which gives you a good measurable benchmark on where to improve your own terms. In an SEO analysis, keyword density is a metric used to determine the percentage of how often a keyword appears on a webpage.

Beyond keywords, a competitive analysis is also used for strategizing content. Different tools can open up further insightful information you probably didn’t even realize could be useful. Use link alerts to monitor when domains are linking to competitor sites for future outreach. Or even compare trending content to what your competitors post in order to get a better gauge of how content performs for your targeted audience and how to adjust. The insights that stem from a thorough competitive analysis can be totally useful when planning your personal campaign.

“Technical SEO doesn’t win traffic anymore. It merely sets your site up for success. “ – Neil Patel

Competitive Analysis continued

A competitive analysis does not have a set standard and can be a small study of one or two competitors or something huge involving a whole range of valuable key brands in your industry range. If your digital campaigns are up and running but still are falling short of eclipsing your competition it could be a wise way to analyze areas of improvement.

Comparing Traffic

There are third party tools that can help show how much traffic your competitor is getting and what sources the traffic is coming from. These can be useful when determining whether to focus on more organic, social or paid marketing. You can also use these linked domains as a potential list of future link-building contacts.

Popular Content

We use tools such as Buzzsumo as a way to aggregate content and analyze what’s the most popular content for both general topics and competitors. When attributing this to an analysis it’s a good way to determining publishing frequency and how often your competitors are succeeding with viral content.

Keyword Success

Online tools have made it easier to create a detailed keyword competition report. This used to involve skimming through a range of data including anchor texts, titles, special URLs, etc. Even the popular Google Adwords feature can contain integral data points that can be useful for an analysis.

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To Summarize:

Entrepreneurs are always taught to ignore competition and imitation is highly frowned upon. While we agree with these sentiments, sometimes just observing those around you can be a great way to come up with your own creative strategies. A competitive analysis is about keeping up with emerging trends and making sure your business marketing is unique from those in your industry. Contact Outsmart Labs today for a great competitive analysis of everything you need to find success in your digital marketing.  

“If you’re not meeting your visitors’ needs, it doesn’t matter how ‘optimized’ your site is.” – Stoney deGeyter

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