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YouTube is Putting You First in New Advertising

When you think about online videos, the YouTube platform is probably one of the first things to come to mind. Since 2005 the platform has blossomed into one of the most visited sites in the world and has even cemented itself as a verb for broadcasting videos. For marketers this is also great news as it presents a new platform to target users beyond the CPM methods of regular cable methods. YouTube continues to grow in popularity and since being acquired by Google, has rapidly developed a successful ad campaign model.

Research supports growing trends towards consumers preferring video content. YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable channel in the US with just mobile users alone. Even the Internet advertising guru Google earns almost as much as 6% of their entire ad revenue from just YouTube alone. Next to Google itself, YouTube is the second best source for traffic being the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Because there are literally thousands of videos being uploaded each day, the amount of daily traffic at any given time can be huge numbers.

Navigating the YouTube ad space can sometimes be rocky especially if campaigns are battered by low conversion rates and high skip ratios. For brands, YouTube takes expertise in learning how to handle what is essentially a digital form of interruption marketing. YouTube has taken the necessary steps to make sure ad buyers are paying for high target conversions. One great innovation has been true view ads which lets companies only pay when users actually interact or watch a full ad when given a choice and does not function as a CPM ad.  

There are numerous ways to use YouTube’s advertising to your advantage. Ads can be shown in-stream or via discovery methods including bumper ads, alongside search results or even on the YouTube homepage itself. For brands interested in video advertising the main thing is picking the right videos to place your ads in. Use demographic segments such as affinity markets and interest related topics to raise your ad CTR. The possibilities are endless for both brands and advertising professionals.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” - Wendy Piersall

YouTube Ads continued

For a brand interested in exploring YouTube ads the most important thing they need to know is how to make sure they’re getting a beneficial ROI. While YouTube is popular, user behavior can be unpredictable and without an enticing ad segment, a video advertisement can be hard to generate an interaction. Here are a few important things clients should consider when exploring YouTube ad campaigns:

In-Market Audiences

If you ever googled a product or service and almost coincidentally seen a YouTube advertisement about it a little later then you were most likely a target of an in-market audience ad. In-market audiences allow you to reach audiences while they are usually approaching their last step as far as making a purchase. This is a way to accurately target viewers most interested in what you want to sell.

TrueView Discovery Ads

Google has taken steps to increase the efficiency of their ad platform and true view discovery ads have taken YouTube ads to the next level by placing ads in search results and expanding outside of just another video in stream. For brands this means higher quality engagements because people clicking on these discoverable ads have to have at least some interest in your industry or product. Allowing opportunities for remarketing.

CPV Bids

Cost per view ads allow you set the amount you feel a view on the YouTube platform would be worth in terms of price. This takes expertise in media planning and bidding methods. For most companies it’s about setting bids high enough to win even if your max price is not what you would sell. Forecasting potential max bid prices depends on the ability to create an ad with a high quality score and analyzing data on existing bid rates.  

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To Summarize:

Mobile content is not stopping its tremendous growth in popularity amongst user bases. For marketers being flexible with ad spend allows brands to take control of new advertising channels and not become overwhelmed. With simple agency expertise any brand can garner more leads from YouTube and take full advantage of its user potential. Contact Outsmart Labs today to create the perfect YouTube ads for your business.

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