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Staying Ahead of the Pack With Social Advertising

Few could predict the rise of Social Media and its subsequent evolution of the entire advertising industry.  One simple Facebook ad, almost two years after the company was created, started a trend that is now worth billions of dollars in revenue across the world. Now social sites have become an integral part of all advertising strategies.

Maybe your business is just seeking exposure for a certain product or service. This is where a site such as Instagram can be useful for you by tapping into its 400-million-a-month user base. Or maybe you thrive off B2B sales where a social network such as LinkedIn, would be ideal thanks to nearly a 50% user base of upper management employees. It takes an in-depth knowledge of how each platform works in order to pick the right one to match your target market.

Most businesses fail to take advantage of the amount of free advertising available via personal social media management. Knowing how to take advantage of hashtags and other social media tactics can lead to huge impressions and views for little-to-no-cost. Leveraging these with paid ad-buying is the key to getting the most out of social networks.

Social sites encourage businesses to create content that advertises why they sell instead of what they’re selling. Marketers are being forced to develop paid content that tells a brand story and improves the quality of the lives of their audience. Avoid being a struggling business that fails to connect to their audience group when attempting to drive leads. Businesses with low social network visibility often run the risk of lacking legitimacy based on social perceptions. Running just a paid print campaign fails to achieve the sharing and conversations between your audience targeting that occurs with new social media.

“I wish I knew how to quit you, Tumblr.” - John Green

Social Media Advertising continued

For new and existing businesses, social ads can be a daunting tasks considering the number of different social networks where advertising is available.  Every platform has a different combination of user bases and interfaces presenting a plethora of options in creative ad sets, times, and social media content. Below are a few things we take into consideration when tailoring your paid social advertising segments:

Improving Quality Scores

Similar to web PPC campaigns, different social networks have calculated metrics for judging the effectiveness of your paid ad segments. Facebook uses a relevancy score to determine which ads resonate with users most when choosing ads to send out. Twitter imposes its own algorithm that can cost you money if you haven’t perfected choosing ads with high engagements.

Conversion Tracking

The best practices in social advertising involve using data from campaigns in order to see which strategies are actively converting leads into successful sales. We can you help keep track of your engagement rates for each digital ad campaign and integrate this data into your sales software or web analytics.

Effective Targeting

When operating a paid social campaign, every social network provides detailed targeting abilities based on a variety of categories based on demographics, interest types, and user types. Custom targeting also involves effective time management for scheduled posts and prime targeting hours. Getting the attention of a large portion of your niche client pool is better than a small percentage of every single user.

Your Social Media Advertising partner

To Summarize:

A fully-developed social media advertising strategy for your business is the perfect way to efficiently drive up leads, retain your consumer base, and stay within a strict monetary budget. Are you searching for the perfect viral content and social ad placement for your business? Contact Outsmart Labs today to get the highest ROI on your social media advertising.

“99% [of my Twitter feed] is links, but 1% is me responding and 1% of a big number is a big number.” – Guy Kawasaki

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