The Silver Lining of SEM

Simply put, no matter how expansive your marketing efforts are you have to respect the power of search engines. The functions of search engines predate the web itself. In a survey conducted by Adobe, nearly 80% of all retailers viewed search marketing as the number one customer acquisition tactic. While social media is the new fancy car in digital marketing, the facts are that lead generation from search engine results is over 100% more effective.

SEM is a term that separates itself from SEO by strictly referring to paid search metrics. While SEO is effective in raising page rankings, paid listings guarantee you placement in a certain window based on various target keyword filters. Search engines can be tricky for emerging brands with most search engines balancing the meter in favor of the user and the advertiser. Ad relevancy is a common factor used in determining CPC campaigns where an advertiser only pays for the ad being clicked but not for ad placement.

PPC Advertising even for a marketer can be tricky. Your brand may understand the keywords needed but not the competitiveness and cost effectiveness of these keywords. Businesses can waste tons of money on improper SEM spending habits by overbidding on keywords that seem high in rankings but fail to deliver because they are so many other businesses competing for the same keywords.

Without professional Pay-Per-Click strategies, you run the risk of depleting your ad spend budgets with little ROI. Brands who do this often undervalue the usefulness of SEM and in return see other brands cash in big on the process. With proper guidance you can learn how to monitor competitors in your CPC target market and effectively leverage bids against them. Gain the competitive advantage of your market today by putting your money towards PPC advertising that does wonders for your ROI.

"SEO is not dead, it’s just no longer fashionable which is a good thing." - Lyndon Antcliff

SEM continued

To operate at a high level with your paid search advertising there are several strategies & metrics most marketers analyze. An optimized SEM campaign usually revolves around a few imperative terms including:

Cross Platform CPC

Many people assume Google Adwords is the singular tool used for search engine metrics. There are so many different web applications used in end user search functions. Yahoo and Bing are two examples of platforms also competing in the paid search market. By diversifying your paid search efforts between multiple platforms you guarantee yourself a wide range of access to users.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

For a brand, an expected click-through rate allows them to get an idea of how successful a potential paid SEM campaign will be. A high CTR raises your ad quality score and lowers your cost per click for an ad campaign. High CTRs are only achieved by using creative ads guaranteed to garner engagement.

SEM Competitive Analysis

There are many web applications that offer competitive analysis reports for competition in your market. Run reports to see what the average search volume of your competitors are, average position rankings and which keyword they bid on as well in order to create realistic benchmarks.

Your SEM partner

To Summarize:

With so many different methods in digital advertising, paid search models are supposed to take the headaches out of driving traffic by giving you leads at monetary value. Failing to implement certain strategies will only take your focus from other creative marketing methods and cost you money with little ROI. If you want to maximize your CPC ad spending for your SEM, then work with Outsmart Labs today.

"Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale." – Chris Brogan

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