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You’re a flourishing business owner with a great sales record looking to boost your visibility and become more aggressive with leads. You understand the basics of digital marketing, and feel confident in experimenting with paid search campaigns. Now, the term PPC is proposed to you and you love it for being such a measurable channel of digital marketing. Do you have time to monitor it all day? To optimize the effectiveness of it? This is where PPC management comes into play.

PPC management in digital marketing campaigns refers to the daily maintenance for your paid search marketing. What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is often referred to as CPC or Cost-Per-Click by other familiar digital marketers. It is simply the term associated with the method of bidding on relevant keywords from popular search engines. Between PPC and CPC, the paid search alphabet continues to grow more complex with new terms such as CPAs, views, and impressions all being important terms in PPC management. Failure to understand these terms are one the reasons why most businesses seek out a professional PPC agency.

Google is by far the most popular PPC campaign tool because of its Adwords management extensions. Managers are usually in charge of choosing campaign settings such as targeting local or national markets and whether working with certain affiliate programs is useful. Also adding filters is important to campaigns looking to target specific segments and avoid certain website placements. The best campaign is always a personalized campaign if you want to spend your money efficiently.

PPC management services can be a full-time job if you have to spend your time researching keywords, competitors, and even your competitor’s keywords. Businesses who bootstrap their PPC management needs run the risk of using the wrong copy, which can lower conversions, and do not have access to certain paid tools which can be a competitive advantage in the long run. For any business, whether established or just beginning, PPC management services are always worth the investment.


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PPC Management continued

While literally highlighting every aspect for running a PPC campaign would be overwhelming there are a few key components that can explain what an inexperienced client can benefit from running a  PPC campaign. A well performing PPC can usually be attributed to these key factors:

Research & Analysis

The first step in any good PPC campaign is making sure all business KPIs are highlighted before conducting an extensive research analysis. Simply put, poor research leads to poor keywords which will negate the whole purpose of bidding on keywords. Most keywords are separated between brand oriented keywords and more generic relevant keywords.

A/B Testing

When working with landing pages for PPC campaigns A/B tests can come in handy for making choosing what copy works as the most relevant for conversions. Testing here is critical because this is where the most important CTA will take place and turn traffic into leads.  Things usually tested include the headline, link and USP in the body of the ad.

Tracking & Reporting

Reporting is necessary since most measurable insights are usually in the form of numerical data based on CTRs. Tracking is good for sales teams to keep track of where new leads are coming from. Expert PPC managers also have to watch out for click fraud when measuring data and can help report any fraudulent activity skewing data to search engines.

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To Summarize:

While PPC holds the charm of being a great way to get measurable results from your digital marketing campaign, it definitely comes with a huge learning curve for those inexperienced. A professional team can be a create resource to create the right copy, filter the appropriate channels, and choose the right bid strategy for those inexperienced. Work with Outsmart Labs today to get the full potential out of your PPC management needs.

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