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Mobile Advertising is the new Mountaintop in Marketing

To say that mobile advertising is the future of advertising would be an understatement. Simply put, it’s already here and outpacing other ad formats by huge numbers. Have advertisers caught up with the trend? Not exactly, as the disparity in money spent on mobile platforms is still surprisingly low compared to the percentage of time users spend on mobile. The term “mobile first” often is coined for users who have contributed to the shift in mobile usage surpassing desktops and laptops for accessing information.

As millennials continue to become the dominant target market, marketing efforts have to continue to compete with their values as consumers. Millennial media especially when combined with social media is now subject to tons of data to determine what is most effective for monetization and retention. The entire mobile landscape has encouraged everyone to produce sharable content and sharable content has to be concise and to the point.

Brands often times struggle to keep up with the many creative & new ways mobile devices shape advertising. Advertisers have adopted native ad formats, interactive pop ups, and even mobile video ads where over half of mobile data traffic comes from. Progressive mobile advertising goes beyond the phone itself and into third party applications and uses including QR codes for scanning, and how to interact with new wearables such as watches and smart bands.

Marketers have adapted to this fairly well and as saturation of mobile devices continues to rise for consumers that means more opportunity to connect with new users via mobile. Even design is approached with a “mobile first” mentality which means carefully crafting content for a smaller platform. The real estate in screen size is a lot more limited in mobile advertising which leads to marketers picking ad content with the bare essentials and not the unnecessary fluff that goes with bigger ads. Mobile advertising stresses clean user interfaces and experiences, not invasive super large ad content used to catch attention.

“This is the era of less is more with SEO.” - Adam Audette

Mobile Advertising continued

The rapid rise of mobile usage creates an overwhelming amount of avenues to explore for your brand when it comes to advertising. At Outsmart Labs, we recognize the emerging trends in mobile advertising for both paid and social cases and we create custom campaigns based on a plethora of proven tendencies. Some very interesting things to consider when choosing a mobile advertising strategy include:

In-App Advertising

The biggest benefit of in-app advertising is the fact that it lets you reach your target market at the right time. Few mobile users are surfing the web 24/7 but apps are platforms that continue to take up a significant percentage of a consumer’s free time. In-app advertising offers creative targeting options including geo-targeting for location based advertising.

Vertical Videos

Popular apps such as Snapchat and Facebook have made vertical videos a new solution for marketers. This is a buzzword popularized by the emerging trend of narrow videos made popular by phone screens and migrates from traditional landscape videos.

Interstitial ads

These are innovative advertising functions that offers a better full page real estate value than a banner ad while remaining semi-native because it is placed in between app transitions. You might find these ads pop up while a website is loading a new page, at the beginning of a mobile video, or when your mobile app is transitioning to a new window.

Your Mobile Advertising partner

To Summarize:

We are the middle of an exciting time as the mobile landscape continues to eclipse all other forms of end user communication. As generations continue to migrate to mobile phones, brands are recognizing the shift and recognizing the potential for mobile advertising to better engage with customers compared to desktop and print methods. If your business is lacking mobile visibility or you need a fresh spin on your current strategy, contact Outsmart Labs today to revitalize your mobile advertising efforts.

“Running with the herd is not always a great idea; be unique, and the links will come.” - Debra Mastaler

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