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You’d be hard pressed to find an individual or business that doesn’t have at least one email address, if not multiple. Ever wondered how many people that equates to around the world? Try about 2.5 billion people. That is a huge number when considering marketing channels for outreach. This is why email marketing has continued to be a driving force in an evolving tech realm. Email has become a huge competitor to physical mail, and most users check their email more frequently than their real mail.

Instead of stuffing physical boxes with bland junk mail flyers, email marketing allows companies to engage their leads with responsive emails that push the envelope with design and measurability. While designers are filling amazing email templates with tons of rich media capabilities, marketing professionals are skimming through data and heatmaps hoping to find new conclusions from targeted segments.

Emails offer flexibility in dynamics with many email marketing tools offering competitive features to ease the process. Great email marketing campaigns are probably constructed with HTML and CSS features and are optimized for mobile usage. With mobile alone, many digital native cell phone users actually prefer viewing emails on mobile. This is great because it gives companies a 24/7 access window to a user no more than a thumb swipe away. At a relatively low marketing cost, emails are great way to get high response rates.

For companies in B2B markets, email marketing is a staple since almost every company has an email address and getting access to emails can be fairly simple. For some companies a simple website form can create a portal for marketers to collect new emails from web visitors. This also is beneficial because of how much more personal an email can be. Other marketing channels are public, and even social media can seem obtrusive in some ways. Emails are strictly between sender and user and can be great ways of experimenting with personalized copy to users.

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Email Campaigns continued

Companies who want to revamp their email marketing strategies realize it’s a lot more complex than just opening their Yahoo or Gmail account and hitting “Send All.” A great email marketing campaign takes a deep knowledge of your customer base and the goals you desire from your campaign. At Outsmart Labs we understand this takes prior planning and hours of brainstorming a client’s internal message. Here a few ways we can help improve your email marketing campaigns:

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a certain type of email marketing that takes a brand message and breakdown of a predetermined time frame. This is effective because not every lead that comes across your web page is sales ready. Some leads have to be nurtured through the process which requires sending messages at a more timely pace. This is also great to get new customers up to speed after you’ve already started a newsletter campaign.

Monitoring and Measuring

Unlike physical mail where you simply leave a flyer and hope for a conversion, with email nearly every available indicator is measurable. You can measure open rates, clicks, how many people ignored your email, and what embedded links were clicked on. Email marketing tools are able to take your campaigns and create overall scores and graphs giving you a visual of what’s working and what’s not. Emails are also perfect for A/B testing which allows you valuable insight on what email layout designs are most effective.

Segmentation Strategies

For companies with a diverse target market, segmentation is the one of the many problems when coming up with advertising strategies. Half of strategy meetings are spent not just creating a message but knowing how to get it to the right people. Email saturation is a problem for marketers and thus segmentation is a good way to make sure your audience is not getting spammed by too many emails. It also opens doors for personalization which can improve sales.

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To Summarize:

For companies emails can bridge the gap between tons of traffic by creating a personal portal to continue to communicate with your potential customers. Audiences don’t always buy things on impulse and sometimes a lead can take months before making a purchase. Email marketing is a great way to bridge connections, monitor leads, and analyze user behavior. Contact Outsmart Labs today and create a winning email campaign for your business.

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