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The Down-Low on Display Advertising

The natural migration of ads from the physical world to the digital landscape was almost predictable as online users grew over the years. Throughout the transformation of web experiences display advertising has held a stronghold of importance in the digital marketing realm. Marketers still value the opportunity to be front and center with their targeted audience. In the digital world, a display ad can reach as many people as a billboard. An effective display ad can earn your business dozens of new clients for growth.

Banner ads and rich media are two popular forms of display advertising used by marketers today. While new customer acquisitions are the underlying the goal, the main point of display advertising is to maximize impressions. Compared to other forms of advertising impressions are difficult to track because they’re not always easy to measure as far as ROI. Learning how to track conversions from display ads can help you learn how what your customers respond to most and which ads are wasting money for you in the long run.

Businesses often lack the knowledge behind which forms of content can garner the highest CTR (click-through rate), which is essential for leveraging new web traffic. Display ads come in various sizes as well as different price ranges. Maybe you have the budget for a full page interactive pop-up. Or you run a business that needs a balanced marketing plan with a few small static display ads on a popular webpage. No matter the size, the content involved has to be creative as you often have only a few seconds to grab a customer’s attention.

Display advertising requires a clear set of marketing goals, a target audience and patience. If your brand is struggling to reach new customers, a professionally tailored CPM campaign can be a cost-effective way of getting your business in front of new consumers. Complete your branding cycle and implement display ads today. By attaching your business to relevant sites and platforms your brand will continue to raise its credibility amongst potential customers.  

"SEO is not about building links, it’s about building relationship to earn the links." - Nahid Hassan

Display Ads continued

If your brand is struggling to wrap its head around the correct way to add display advertising to your business, choosing a professional source is always a good choice. Do not make the vital mistake of choosing an only CPC strategy because a CPM campaign seems too hard to track. Here at Outsmart Labs we push for brands to integrate display advertising campaigns for several reasons:

A/B Testing

By harnessing the power from data points used in banner ads you can plan out future performances that maximizes your ROI. Split testing generally performs better because you are using multiple highly targeted messages to make sure you reach your customer base. A/B testing is a proven way to research consumer behavior and adds a higher benefit to your display advertising besides just mass impressions.

Non-Invasive Advertising

Our society hates annoying pop-ups and overly aggressive advertising that digitally invades on our personal space. You can creatively approach display advertising in the same way as native advertising in order to make your message clear without interrupting your target market’s web experience.

Effective Targeting

Display advertising opens doors to a few special targeting tactics for marketing your business. If your business wants to advertise services to a targeted area, a geo-location based campaign will get your message out to people in a certain radius for guaranteed exposure. Remarketing is also a popular tactic to help turn a website lead into a conversion via cookies. If someone visits your website but doesn’t respond to a CTA you can use those website cookies to target them with display advertisements offering your services at discounted prices.

Your Display Ads partner

To Summarize:

Display advertising is a very consistent marketing model for company awareness and a great method for driving leads. When analyzed correctly and optimized for your intended target you can create an ROI in lead potential at often half the rate of a CPC advertising model for new businesses with limited resources. Contact Outsmart Labs today to position your brand in the perfect place to gain new impressions and leads with display ads.

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