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Discovery Platforms and their Role in the World of Internet Marketing

Everyone can agree in the exponential growth of the Internet, so naturally with this growth comes a few side effects. Saturation is definitely one of these side effects and for emerging businesses and it can pose huge problems in marketing and visibility. In recent years, discovery platforms have gained traction as smart ways to cut through the noise of the web and gain the attention of some useful web traffic.

Furthermore, end-users are growing smarter as well, making traditional banner ads less efficient for conversions. Our human eyes are now trained to ignore banner ads and can dismiss annoying pop ups. Marketers are forced to find more appealing ways to engage their traffic and new trends such as native ad networks and other content discovery strategies are a great way to keep up conversions. Before discovery platforms emerged getting native ads displayed on certain websites posed a significant challenge to marketers.

Of course, brands may be unaware of the numerous discovery platforms that exist to improve inbound marketing and often seek professional help to get these implemented into a new marketing campaign. We are familiar with a wide range of tools used including Taboola, Outbrain, and Zemanta. These are tools that require expertise in ad bidding as well, since native ads are similar to PPC or CPC campaigns. A professional has access to these tools and more to help ease your content discovery process.

Thus content discovery platforms function well for both sides of the digital playing field. For websites, CDNs and other native ad syndication services offer a great way to support display ad revenues. Are you confused about whether a discovery network makes sense for your business model? For brands, it offers the opportunity to leverage content in their favor to gain new leads and the necessary traffic they are seeking.

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The great news is other websites are embracing native ad and promoted content trends for the website real estate space. For UX purposes, a native ad makes a end-user feel more at ease and can blend in with other content without being an eyesore. Suggested content also helps websites retain their views by providing more unique content from around the web in a compact format that can be as simple as a plugin for developers in most cases. When determining the success of a discovery platform for marketing goals we consider the following key points:

Native Ad Performance

In ad syndication services and other discovery platforms your ad performance is the best way to improve engagements. Rich media like engaging images, video files and captivating headlines all play in role in enhancing native ad performance. With so many tools in place to get your ads to the websites you want, there is more time to focus on building a non-intrusive, but still high performing ad.

Content Syndication

There are several softwares with the ability to crawl through your blog post and choose the content most likely to go viral by comparing it to popular content already being shared on social media. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter also are a good way to syndicate content. Clients can also explore ways to broadcast content to several sites at once in a similar manner as a press release. These are good ways to grow inbound traffic while slowly building link juice.  

Measuring Success

Once you’re pushing or feeding content and ads through a discovery platform there are definitely certain measures you want to analyze to make sure the network you’re using is effective. While there are many popular sites to push native ads and sponsored content, not all of them perform the same. We help clients analyze the smaller details that surround the bigger picture including successful headlines, pageviews vs click-through rates, and how these ads perform under A/B tests.

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To Summarize:

Discovery platforms are one the biggest forms of marketing underutilized by businesses looking to increase their traffic or grow display ad revenue. Could exploring content discovery networks fit into your marketing campaign? Contact Outsmart Labs today for more insights on how discovery platforms can help your brand grow no matter the budget.

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