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Google Adwords to the Rescue!

We all love the Internet because it’s open terrain, does not abide the rules, and is the furthest thing from a monarchy. However, when it comes to paid advertising, Google is in serious contention to be considered king. Years ago Google breathed life into a unpopular CPM model of paid advertising by adding algorithms for clickthrough rates totally turning the entire industry on its head.

Now Google Adwords has now grown to be a staple in the digital marketing industry for paid advertising. By adding this emphasis on ad relevance a new dimension of paid advertising surged in popularity and thus saved marketers tons of money on unsuccessful bids. Adwords marketing is also great because from a cost perspective it can be considered fairly scalable. Assuming you find a profitable adwords model you can always increase your budget to increase traffic without sacrificing a higher cost.

Adwords management is also important to business owners because of how autonomous the whole process can be to bid on ads. Everything from the keywords to potential bid budgets are decided at your own discretion. Therefore without prior experience in learning how to choose effective keywords this can be a daunting task to take on for a marketing campaign. With the right professional it can be as simple as choosing a budget and letting things take its course. You will only pay for every ad clicked.

Most importantly by using Google adwords you can bring yourself instant gratification unlike other marketing techniques such as SEO. A simple plugin can guarantee clicks and impressions almost immediately. For customers this can be a great way to supplement their revenues while waiting on effects from other more organic search methods. With such a flexible way to generate traffic it’s almost always suggested to be used in your marketing campaigns.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user not a spider.” – Dave Naylor

Adwords Management continued

Even though the Adwords are pretty much ubiquitous on the web, there are still millions of people with no idea of how to properly use the network. We understand this and assist businesses in exploring how Adwords management can be a great benefit for their growth strategies. Some companies spend millions of dollars a year using Adwords because of how successful it can be with the perfect formula. Here are a few important things we can help clients implement to improve their Adwords management:

Ad Rank

Your ad rank is the logic Google uses to determine which ad is shown and where it will be seen. An ad rank is determined by a combination of your quality score and maximum bid. This can cause some businesses to run into trouble when assuming that by raising a maximum bid they can win a higher ad position. We work with clients to make sure they understand what it takes to achieve a high rank which can guarantee a higher position for less money per click.

Display Networks

Google gives marketers the opportunity access to the largest network of potential websites for ad placement on the Internet today. The network alone reaches over 90% of Internet users and can end up being as much as 20% of Adwords traffic. Display Adwords can also use contextual keywords for placement and can come in different forms including texts, videos, and images.

Adsense Content

Google Adsense is often confused with Adwords because of how similar they are from a business standpoint. Adsense allows you the ability to place contextual ads on your own individual websites as a way to generate revenue. For brands not necessary selling a physical product, a Adsense option can be great to place on sites with content somewhat relevant to the keyword being searched. For example, if you have a blog that talks abouts food, an adsense account could be an option to sell food related products.

Your Adwords Management partner

To Summarize:

Harness the power of the networks around you and invest money in people finding you. Impressions are nice for a growing business but when operating in a niche market or only looking to target certain customers, an Adwords campaign can be a great alternative. Contact Outsmart Labs to learn more about the possibilities of Adwords management for your brand and how to get into a new era of growth.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

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