A/B Testing

A/B Testing is Your Marketing Coin Toss

At times, business can be all about taking risks. Making an important decision can either be a blessing or a curse for trajectory and goals, but a decision must always occur. What if there was a way you could make the right decision every time? Or learn from a certain outcome and make a better decision henceforth? That’s where the beauty of A/B testing comes into play. Also known as “split testing” and “bucket testing,” this is a common digital marketing practice in comparing two or more versions of web pages, or a marketing strategy in order to see which one performs better for a certain goal.

When making web pages, the main purpose of their functionality deals with conversions and user-end audiences have the reputation of  being unpredictable and picky. Something as small as adding a testimonial or changing the copy on a webpage can result in a conversion rate improvement of nearly twice or three times the average of another variant. Conversion rates are the bottom line for bringing in revenue for businesses, so A/B testing is always a valued practice and encouraged by most marketers.

For businesses, figuring out exactly what to A/B test can be confusing if a deep understanding of business goals aren’t communicated to everyone on a marketing team. Literally almost anything can be A/B tested and each component being A/B tested has its own special impact on your marketing. Outside of web pages you can also split-test links, pictures, headlines, CTAs, press links, and even email marketing layouts. This makes A/B testing such a valuable strategy for gathering data.  

While you should try not to second guess the majority of your decisions, marketing is more about your customers instead of your personal opinions. Design will always be a subjective practice and only with empirical data can you make a winning decision for your business. A simple split-test can be the one thing stopping you from reaping the most from your CTAs.

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “ – Neil Patel

A/B Testing continued

While the concept behind A/B testing may be easy to grasp, actually putting this practice into motion for your marketing activities is definitely more complex. While some marketing softwares have A/B testing functions built in for certain tasks such as email marketing, most A/B testing requires someone knowledgeable about what exactly to test. Marketers have an array of tools to collect data and create detailed reports to get an accurate point of view. Here are some common key points in A/B testing:

Confidence Intervals

Confidence intervals allow you to quantify the potential accuracy of an estimate from an A/B test and negate the possibility of it happening by chance. It’s a number that carries with a margin of error for any given result. Usually this is a factor produced in percentages for indication purposes, and the smaller the margin of error the more confident any conclusion from an A/B test should be.


Heatmaps can be an important visual tool because they enable someone to visually track user end behavior. When relying on call-to-actions in certain section of a web page, it’s important to see how users are responding to your layout placement. If a heatmap indicates most of the user clicking is occurring around the intended CTA, then it means your metrics are performing up to par.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is used when there is a need to test multiple versions of multiple elements for a web page or any design. This can be a very overwhelming thing without professional help for businesses and requires mentally balancing statistics on multiple combinations of the same page. It also requires a substantive amount of traffic to be conclusive.

Your A/B Testing partner

To Summarize:

A/B has grown into a respected practice to employ in digital marketing campaigns of all sizes. Business moves that are made by proven math and conversion rates can’t rely on instincts for maximizing efficiency. Contact Outsmart Labs and let us help you curate a unique A/B testing experience for your business today.

“Build relationships, not links.” – Scott Wyden Kivowitz

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