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The role of Social Media plays into your Ecommerce Strategy

What is ecommerce? Ecommerce is defined by the conducting of commercial electronic transactions online. If a business is selling a service or product online, they’re considered an ecommerce platform. As a business owner, one might ask themselves, “What is the best strategy to make the most revenue from my products and services?” The answer is not black and white. When it comes to tactics, each business will have a different approach to their ecommerce strategy. For example, aside from having a site, does the business have a social media presence? Does it need it? Will it increase revenue? How? These are the types of questions business owners should ask themselves, if they’re not part of any social media channels. If they aren’t, then now is the time to join Facebook. (1.7 Billion users as of June 2016)

Facebook can be thought of as the “face” of a company, a medium to advertise on and also a means of connecting with customers. It also promotes organic traffic, which potentially brings in new customers. For example, if a computer company just launched a new line of machines, it would behoove them to post it on Facebook so that their followers can read, learn and share the news. From there it appears on the newsfeed of people who might not have heard of the company or product. In doing so, that creates a lot of impressions (eyes on your product and company) and potentially creates more followers.

Social Media, particularly Facebook is the perfect place for customers to engage with your company. It’s also a great way to provide content relevant to the business. For ecommerce it could mean showing features and benefits of the product and/or service. Now days it is essential to be part of at least Facebook, due to the sheer amount of users that it has.

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Ecommerce Strategy continued

At Outsmart Labs we understand how important it is for you to run your business and not worry about anything else. That’s why we should handle all your marketing. That way you can focus on managing your business and let the professionals handle your marketing strategy. Some potential areas we could focus on for your business are:

Offering a uniform experience across all channels

If a user is on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, all promotions and branding should be consistent.

Investing in Mobile

According to research by comScore, people spend 65% of consuming digital content on their phones.

Creating a Unique User Experience

When users feel welcome to your site because it’s personalized to them, they are more willing to break out their wallets.

Your Ecommerce Strategy partner

To Summarize:

In the era of digital marketing it is essential to have a proper strategy, especially in the business of ecommerce because if users are not converting, there is no business. The use of social media for branding, content marketing and engagement is a must in order to maximize conversions. Have users connect with your brand, make them feel at home and they will become brand advocates.

Need to take your ecommerce business to the next level? Have Outsmart Labs develop your ecommerce strategy for you, give us a call.

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