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Editorial Calendars for that Organizational Flair

As content marketing continues to position itself as a key driver in leads and sales, creating an organized content calendar becomes crucial for your marketing efforts. When dealing with a heavy volume of content for your business, the biggest challenge becomes just managing all the content involved. One of the most impactful ways of keeping track of your marketing strategies is to create an Editorial calendar for you brand. Editorial calendars are no longer tools just for your favorite magazine, instead they become mind mapping tools to help streamline your brainstorming process.

Editorial calendars serve a dual role as an annual marketing organizer and a communication tool for key company dates. While your marketing team is prepping key dates and holidays your sales team can utilize this calendar to perfectly time new product launches and promotional deals. How can you creatively approach a holiday date that trumps your competitors? Tired of you using the same sappy strategy for your Valentine’s day content? Implementing an editorial calendar gives you and your marketing team months to plan the most creative approach to any form of customer engagement.

Brands often times rely on editorial management for not only creative collaboration but also as a measure of how diversified content can be. When taking into account SERPs it is important to rank for all relatable content as possible. Your organization may benefit from a range of topics and in order to effectively manage a content range, a well planned marketing spreadsheet template could be the best solution.  

Or maybe you’re a brand that has a working editorial calendar that is failing to provide the ROI you seek in your marketing efforts. Creating separate calendars for your social media, blog posts, and regular marketing can create headaches when it comes to communication. A consolidated calendar can help keep everyone involved the same page.

By creating an editorial calendar on regularly used platforms such as Excel, Google Docs, or even several third party applications, your brand can create a routine system for easy editing without steep learning curves and even sync your editorial calendar for daily reminders to make sure you don’t miss any important dates.

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Developing an editorial calendar that streamlines the content production process and maximizes traffic potential requires professionals who care about creative content and effective project management. We can help any organization create a winning editorial calendar based on a few winning strategies including:

Marketing Spreadsheet Templates

We can help you get all your content ideas out of your head and onto a visual spreadsheet cogent enough for your whole organization to analyze. We can help you optimize your calendar for including other important data including any ad or media buying financials, and even metrics for tracking success of all content published.

Editorial Management

Organizations can become flustered trying to determine optimal times for distributing content to various social channels. While you may want to use Twitter for your brand 5 times a day, your Facebook may only need curation 3 times a week. We are experts at carefully managing your content to avoid over saturation. A  good balance of keyword usage can avoid content that is too dense with the same keyword which can negatively affect SEO rankings.

Content Dripping

When crafting a digital campaign it is imperative to keep users engaged and often times it means not giving them too much all at once. For brands that rely on memberships or providing a new product on a timely basis, a timed content release strategy can be the key to nurturing a lead throughout the sales process. Not to mention it can be a great way for certain business models to provide an ongoing value on a month to month basis.  

Your Editorial Calendar partner

To Summarize:

Editorial calendars can be beneficial additions to a marketing strategy when done with a sense of foresight and keen project management skills. When everyone is on the same page your business can breathe and your marketing team can focus more on fun quality content. Give your content a boost by contacting Outsmart Labs to handle all your editorial calendar needs.

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