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Creating a Conscientious Content Strategy

Engaging and connecting with audiences is a critical factor of success all brands can agree on. However, the strategies related to developing captivating content are not universal across the board. Since 2000, the average human attention span has dropped to below 8 seconds, one second less than a goldfish. A winning content strategy takes a deeper focus into the why behind your content and how well it represents your brand goals as a whole.

The growth of technology has opened doors to several different content mediums for engaging with customer segments in recent years. Millennial audiences are increasingly referring to digital media channels to engage with brands about everything from customer service to social issues. Social media alone has driven up the demand of visual content and now an effective blog post strategy requires creative titles and a user friendly UX to garner new traffic. Unique industries emphasize on certain channels over others, which can cause confusion for marketing directors. Strategizing your content helps you deliver the right content to your consumers, at the right time, through the right channels.

Dozens of brands drown themselves in an unorganized content system that takes up time for those involved and fails to deliver on sustainable goals. Almost 70% of B2Cs are creating more content now than ever before but less than 30% can honestly say they have a well planned strategy. For example, a part-time copywriter cannot handle long form content meant for a full marketing team. Brands who lack a professional strategy fail to realize content is not about having a voice or staying relevant, it is about using your platform to attract and retain your customer segment. Humans are driven to share content that evokes certain emotions and merging these emotions into your brand’s story is a key factor in driving sales and leads.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.”- Milton Hershey

Content Strategy continued

We recognize the challenges in growing brands maintaining a direct relationship with their customer bases and prospects. Our staff is a collective of individuals who immerse themselves in content daily and know what works for any business. We can explain to you which content approach is effective and what it takes creatively to win with this approach. Therefore we help our clients create a content marketing strategy that emphasizes harnessing all customer segments and buyer personas.  

With so many different methods for delivering content to your website and your social channels it’s important to pick elements most related to your business type. While your brand may rely on heavy visual content for a certain customer segment, another may depend heavily upon blogging and reviews to become an authority on the market. Here are a few important factors that we consider to help tailor the perfect content for your brand.

Content Marketing Strategy Design

Content marketing design centers directly on the most efficient way to draw your audience to your content distribution channels. While a content strategist focuses on how to create the content needed, a content marketing design focuses on why your brand should use one related content segment over another, and how this aligns back with KPIs and business goals.

Content Strategy

Brands often receive the maximum business value from their content when planning for their personal capabilities. We help strategize content that fits your company needs. We can determine what content needs to be created and removed from every medium including websites, social media, RSS feeds, blog posts, and even email marketing. We have keen insights into taking your content marketing goals and implementing them in ways proven to increase traffic and customer engagement.

Content Migration

Often times brands fail to prepare for future CMS upgrades or have content structure systems in desperate need of innovation. We help clients like these successfully plan for moving their content to new delivery channels without losing necessary metadata and information. We also help emerging brands plan ahead for successful content migrations in the future.

Content Metadata

Content Metadata is essential in creating an organized set of keywords useful in content management and analysis.  Users often utilize metadata for more efficient searches about certain categories on your website. Creatively harnessing your metadata works well with connecting your different topics in precise ways which can lower website bounce rates and raise search rankings.

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To Summarize:

Creating a conscientious content strategy will be one way of garnering a competitive edge in your market no matter how small or large your brand. Looking for the perfect web strategy document for your business? Does your brand have tons of potential topics to expound on with no structure or organization? Avoid the unnecessary headaches and contact us today so our experienced staff can develop a perfect content strategy that can last long term for brand.

“Every piece of your content should be excellent,enough that customers are compelled to share it.” - Joe Pulizzi

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