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The World of Content Optimization

As marketers search for the perfect online marketing strategy there has been an accelerated rush into content marketing of all types. Content has proven itself as a viable option for building leads, creating sticky websites, and delivering brand messages. All content is not created equal but there are certain ways your content can either hurt your or pose no positive impact on you at all.

Anyone who has read an SEO blog can attest to the plethora of rules relating to pesky algorithms that can oftentimes come off as vague and secretive. Your company may not have time to decipher a new Google search update for new rules to apply to your content strategy. These companies often struggle to find the reason they cannot improve their search rankings and miss out on the monetary value associated with the traffic being neglected.

Quality content is hard to determine for some brands and a lack of quality content can negatively impact your search optimization. Some companies can have tons of pages with low content resulting in a reduction in search rankings and a net loss web traffic. On the contrary, your content can be great but fall under the ominous duplicate content label especially when routing customers from multiple domain aliases or when writing content for the same product under multiple URLs.

Content optimization can be just as hard as generating unique content. Even brands who understand content optimization run the risk of appealing to the search engine and not the end user. Robotic content stuffed with frivolous keywords and duplicated pages can create horrible bounce rates for your web traffic as well. The quality of your content cannot be sacrificed just for a boost in optimization. We believe both sides must work in synergy for a balanced approach.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” - Benjamin Franklin

Content Optimization continued

At Outsmart Labs, we place a lot of focus on content optimization. We truly understand how important this ongoing process truly is. Some of the ways we support content optimization for our client include:

Meta Descriptions

Clients often need help carefully writing meta descriptions because of how important they are for SEO content. Clients often struggle with the optimal length for these HTML attributes and make mistakes adding non-alphanumeric characters which gets cuts off by popular search engines. Although not a primary in rankings, it remains one of SEO’s best practices because it directly influences click-through rate.

Image Optimization

People often neglect the visuals associated with their content but these can also assist in helping boost page rankings. People are constantly searching for rich media to share via social media channels and sometimes optimized images can appear on a SERP query ahead of some of your other ranking pages. We help clients customize alt tags and images tags with source codes and even help organize filenames to make them optimized for SERPs.

Content Cannibalization

We help clients deter from obsessive link cannibalization by helping them focus on good quality pages and not pages overstuffed with the same keyword. As search engines spider a page, seeing too many of the same keyword does not boost your entire website instead it forces the bot to pick the best page related to the query. We focus on conversion rates to focus energy on the best performing pages instead of spreading content on low performing pages with the same target audience.

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To Summarize:

We are experts at optimizing content for the right keywords and driving traffic to improve your business. Once your brand message is curated and ready to be delivered, we can take the appropriate steps to make sure it’s search friendly and reaching as many users as possible. Work with Outsmart Labs today to dive deep into content optimization strategies to generate the traffic your business needs.

“What helps people, helps business.” - Leo Burnett

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