Wike-Up!: Create an Online Raffle

Wike-Up! is an aqua bike company dedicated to bringing the European trend of aqua biking to the United States and is poised to dominate its market. Aquabiking is an underwater spinning workout. Individuals seat on a bike in a swimming pool and pedal in order to work out. Wike-Up! offers the lightest aqua bikes on the market for both casual exercisers and professional athletes
Wike-Up!: Create an Online Raffle

Client goals

  1. Educate consumers –-> Social Media & Social Media Ads
  2. Develop a proof of concept strategy –> Digital Strategy & Raffle
  3. Create an online presence –> Web Development
  4. Acquire qualified database of emails –> Raffle
  5. Increase traffic to the main website –> Social Media & Ads
  6. Increase traffic to the social channels –> Social Media Strategy

Wike-Up! partnered with Outsmart Labs to educate the U.S. on exactly what aqua biking is, since there is virtually no trace of it in the United States.

As the market is so small, Outsmart Labs had the challenge to put together a strategy that could serve as a proof of concept to be reiterated if successful.

In order to do so, Outsmart Labs helped them with their digital strategy by designing & developing their website, building strong SEO roots, creating an engaged community on social media and coming up with creative concept to quickly acquire potential buyers while educating the market.

In order to reach as many people as possible Outsmart Labs developed a very well thought out strategy by hosting a raffle for Wike-Up!, awarding the final winner their very own Wike-Up! aqua bike (valued at almost $1,200).

Outsmart Labs put together a very targeted social media campaign to reach only qualified potential buyers (living in tropical areas, owning a pool and likely to work out). The raffle encouraged people that entered to increase their chances of winning by engaging with various social channels in order to earn additional points. The contest was hosted both on a Facebook tab, as well as on the actual website within a blog entry. The contest was promoted through boosted Facebook posts, Twitter posts and Instagram posts.

The final results were very fruitful and exceeded the goals set by the client. Another Wike-Up raffle is set to start in the months to come…


Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Product Education


Proof of concept investment: $150

> 39,754 Impressions
> 247 Clicks from raffle to Wike-Up! website
> 1,169 Engagements
> # of Entries: 179
> # of Unique Emails Collected: 84
> +67 new likes on Facebook
> +72 new followers on Instagram
> +87 new followers on Twitter
> +46 blog comments

Client feedback

“We’re so pleased with the results from the raffle. We’ve made one person happy and acquired multiple new clients! We consider this a very successful investment. Thanks again, Outsmart Labs!”
Antoine Collomba
Co-Founder of Wike-Up