Vocalcom: Omnichannel Content Strategy

Vocalcom is one of the leaders in global communications for cloud technology and contact center services. With thousands of small and medium businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies as their clients, such as McDonald’s and Disney, Vocalcom’s online strategy and presence needs to be groundbreaking, as it represents a major source for lead generation. They deliver a rapid and smart service to their clients in a fast-paced digital world. Their services are employed by more than 550,000 users, spread across 3,600+ companies worldwide.
Vocalcom: Omnichannel Content Strategy

Client goals

  1. Create a Global strategy with local appeal
  2. Appear higher on search engine → Increase their organic traffic
  3. Increase reach → Develop country specific targeted social media strategies
  4. Increase leads → Maximize ROI for requests for a demo
  5. Increase industry leader standing through high-quality & shareable content

Vocalcom is a very forward-thinking company in terms of digital strategies and technologies. In the very competitive industry of digital marketing, they had seen it all before and needed a fresh set of eyes. Our astute digital expertise and witty approach opened their eyes to the unique opportunities early-adopter strategies could have. Outsmart Labs responded by crafting a unique plan that provided Vocalcom fans with strong content in multiple languages and sharing this content across various social platforms.

Global pages were created on Facebook to create a global presence with a local appeal. These pages had language-specific variables for all the countries in the world. Through the use of social media advertising, as well as SEO methods, the right content was served to the target audiences in various countries via multiple languages. This created a virtuous circle of more views, shares, qualified traffic and organic traffic. The final result was an explosion of qualified leads for Vocalcom provided by organic search.

After 3 months, the project produced results that were beyond expectations. Before implementing this strategy, the most leads Vocalcom had received in a given month via organic traffic was 506. By the first month of implementing the strategy this number reached 856 leads. The number continued to skyrocket in the following month, reaching 1,502 leads in July 2016

Now, after more than 6 months, the strategy continues to scale and the year-over year number of leads increased by 1,275.32% (From 7,921 to 109,627).


Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Landing Page, PPC Advertising, Digital Strategy


> Blog Stats: +130.92% organic blog traffic increase 1st month (54,323 pages read vs. 30,802)

> Leads Garnered: Record breaking organic leads = June 2016: 803, July 2016: 1,502.

> Monthly Record of clicks from Google: 10,169 clicks

> Avg. SERP target keywords positioning increase

> Blog Authority: 75% increase

> Global Pages created: Worldwide Facebook community 105,000+ people

> Facebook: 51,306 interactions in 54 days

Client feedback

“Outsmart Labs’ cutting edge strategies have made me very happy. They offer a flexible, proactive and innovative way of working with clients. Frankly, I consider them to be my marketing department and I have no interest in hiring an in-house digital marketing team as I am so pleased with their work.”
Anthony Dinis