Trophées de l’Assurance

Trophées de l’Assurance

Client goals

  1. Increase engagement & extend guest relationship beyond the event.
  2.  Showcase the benefits of a digitally savvy strategy to top insurance executives
  3. Increase reach of the event
  4. Relay the event to the general public & companies’ employees
  5. Extend the life of the event

Outsmart Labs’ main challenge was to set up a digital strategy in less than a month starting from zero. Indeed before working with us the Insurance Trophies had no digital presence. In order to make this campaign successful Outsmart Labs put together an integrated digital strategy based on 5 key elements : Linkedin, Twitter, Vine, a blog and a social wall. The combination of those elements allowed us to raise awareness quickly thanks to some qualified, engaging and buzz-worthy content that was shared between industry peers & press. The social wall marked the culmination of the strategy allowing people to share their impressions in real time while spreading the word and building a long term relationship with our client.


Web Development, Digital Strategy, Social Media.


During the 3 hours of the event:
> 1,200 Tweets created
> 860,125 Impressions generated
> 126,000 accounts reached
> 864 Tweets with #TropheesAssurance
> #TropheesAssurance = France’s most trending hashtag
> 150/300 exclusive guests followed @Les_trophees

Client feedback

“The Twitter feed was at the center of everyone’s attention and definitely added an element of interaction we could never imagine possible. Great success !”
Jean-Luc Gambey
Founder of the Insurance Trophies.