Smartbatz: Website Rebranding & Development

SmartBatz is an international innovative technology company aiming to create a new way of living by specializing in high end wireless charging solution for mobile phones. With an impending launch date on the horizon, SmartBatz reached out to Outsmart Labs with the hopes of creating an ecommerce website portraying their brand vision. It was imperative for us to explain why a product with wireless charging capabilities could be so essential to the mobile charging industry. SmartBatz challenged the notion of traditional charging by questioning the common belief that mobile charging was dependent upon wires and outlets, and instead created an opportunity to go wireless with a realistic invention.
Smartbatz: Website Rebranding & Development

Client goals

  1. Create a Modern Website → Enhance User Experience by creating Dynamic Web Flows
  2. Digitally Optimized Website → Mobile Responsive Web Design & Appear higher in Search Rankings
  3. Brand Identity → Portray a high-end product in the best light through visuals and web copy
  4. User Flow → Make sure users are able to grasp what SmartBatz sells

When SmartBatz first approached Outsmart Labs, it was their desire to work with an agency that we proactive and flexible with unique client demands, took pride in detailed oriented design and could help them portray the brand identity they envisioned. Our teams  eagerly took on the challenge of creating a brand new website for Smartbatz that would enhance the user experience while accurately communicating the brand’s central message.

With our talented staff we were able to create a web design workflow that enabled transparency with our client and established trust through every step in the process. We went above and beyond to make the entire design process as hands on as possible and every small detail from color palettes to prototype designs were done step-by-step, making sure all work exceeded client expectations. Our team put emphasis on creating a website that showcased the technological superiority of our client by implementing creative, & highly modern interactions including scroll enhancements, sliding menus, embedded videos, and clean drop-down menus.

The primary challenge amongst our team was educating the consumer about a new product that has no equivalent and required a change of living habits. We took time absorbing the capabilities of the product itself and communicated the importance of this product completely changing the way the public is used to mobile charging for the better. By creating a comprehensive user flow we made sure the product was easy to understand by creating dedicated pages for individuals, hotels, and restaurants in order to make sure we portrayed the advantages of the product depending on the persona of the reader. We worked hard to develop the most cutting edge, mobile-friendly features that, in turn, would increase our client’s search rankings.

With the creative direction of our staff, we completed the redesign in an organized and efficient manner. With a clean, minimalist interface, and efficient user flow, SmartBatz now has one of the most forward-thinking websites in accordance to their captivating brand identity.


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> Website created from start-to-finish in 3 months

> Extremely satisfied client

> Exceptional feedback from clients and investors

> Modern website in line with brand values:

Client feedback

“We pride ourselves to be the best at what we do and we are glad we were able to work with OSL which shares the same mindset and expertise. Their flexibility, proactiveness and forward thinking allowed them to execute everything we had in mind and even surpass our expectations.”
Marvin Hamou
Founder & CEO