OMG Brokers – Real Estate

OMG Brokers – Real Estate

Client goals

  1. Create an Online Presence –> Appear higher on Search Engines
  2. Look Professional –> Website & Content
  3. Generates leads with limited effort –> Outsmart Social
  4. Create a Social Media Presence –> Blog & Facebook
  5. Generate Leads –> Property Search & Facebook Ads

OMG Brokers came to Outsmart Labs with the goal of increasing their online presence through social media in an effort to increase their number of leads. What became apparent to the team at Outsmart Labs was that OMG Brokers needed more than just a social media presence to truly bolster their online presence, as only 2 out of their 50 agents were ranking on Google search results.

The OSL team was able to create a technology that allowed each agent to develop an active online presence by having a personalized website. This allowed them to look professional, appear higher on Google search engines results pages and also generate leads without requiring any effort on the agent’s side. Every agent that opted in to ‘Outsmart Social’ now had an upgraded web presence through their agent page on, an optimized local profile for local searches, and also  a personalized  Facebook page updated on a weekly basis with a new original article, allowing OMG to communicate directly to their agents entire network.

The Outsmart Social technology is adaptable to any business with a network of agents, franchises, stores, dealerships, etc. and is able to provide quick results and unified corporate communication while limiting the effort on the agents side.


Web Design, Web Development, Social Media, SEO


Results based on first 3 months of work:

> + 1,265% increase in organic traffic
> 4,375 properties browsed
> + 733% increase in Facebook traffic
> Avg. time spent/ user: 1 min 37 secs
> Avg. # of pages visited/ user: 2
> Avg. of 120 likes per Facebook posts

Client feedback

“Working with Outsmart Labs has been terrific. They have held our hand throughout the whole process and helped us digitize our company by giving our agents a new tool to do business with.”
Consuelo Villar
CEO of OMG Brokers