Miami Design District: Driving Web to Store Traffic

Miami Design District: Driving Web to Store Traffic
Miami Design District

Client goals

  1. Drive Web to Store → Target luxury market, high worth individuals, art and design interest
  2. Increase reach → Develop targeted social media ads strategies
  3. Increase newsletter signups→ Maximize ROI for requests for a demo
  4. Increase foot traffic → Increase customers shopping & attending events
  5. Increase industry leader standing through high-quality & shareable content


The Miami Design District is a luxury neighborhood dedicated to fashion, design, architecture and dining experiences. Founded by Dacra and Craig Robins, the district was transformed from a formerly obscure area of Miami into the city’s premiere cultural destination.

The neighborhood is made up of LVMH brands, delectable restaurants and world-class art and architecture. The neighborhood plays host to a variety of local events including Public Art Tours, Family Days and the widely popular Performance Series, all of which presented a great opportunity to enhance the neighborhood’s visibility. It is truly Miami’s destination to see and be seen.

Outsmart Labs partnered with the Miami Design District in early 2017, with the goal of increasing foot traffic in the neighborhood by implementing an effective digital strategy to create more brand awareness, grow the neighborhood’s online community and drive more foot traffic.


digital marketing, social media management, social media ads management, SEM, Adwords, Display, Waze advertizing.


> Facebook Community Growth:
 +20k increase in less than a year (April 2018: 138,000 likes)

> Facebook Average Monthly Reach: 293,894 customers/ month

> Average number of likes, comments, share per post: 620 likes, comment, share/ post

> Facebook Average Monthly Reach: 293,894 customers/ month

> Facebook Annual Event Attendance: 42,796 customers

> On-page engagement growth: +252% increase (from 314 to 1,105)

Client feedback

“Outsmart Labs was able to think outside the box and provide extremely valuable insights by connecting the neighborhood to its online community. ”
Stefan Dembinsky
Director Of Retail Development