Lucas Deaux

Lucas Deaux is a professional French soccer player for the historical team of FC Nantes. His accessibility, team loyalty and active engagement with local charities earned Lucas a spot as the fans favorite for the 2nd year in a row.  By partnering with Outsmart Labs, Lucas understood the importance of managing his image while building a unique bond with his supporters.

Lucas Deaux
Lucas Deaux

Client goals

  1. Build a unique bond with an engaged audience.
  2. Increase their fan base.
  3. Monetize communities with product placements and digital strategies.
  4. Reach a larger online audience with their message.
  5. Gain more press coverage.
  6. Improve control of online reputation.

Through social media we appeal to French soccer fans in order for them to discover how interesting of an individual Lucas Deaux is. By building personalized strategies matching his personality, Lucas obtained a large number of press coverage and product endorsements opportunities. Available, creative and generous; he is now THE athlete to follow on social media for French soccer!


Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Online Platform Monetization, Product Endorsement.


Built a community of:

> Facebook: 15,000+ Followers
> Twitter: 27,000+ Followers
> Instagram: 8,000+ Followers


> Certified Twitter Account
> Numerous National press coverage (l’Equipe, FIFA, Les Echos…)
> Partnership with BOSE

Client feedback

“Thanks to Outsmart Labs I have never felt as close to my fans and I’m loving it!”
Lucas Deaux