As professionals, you have to report your actions to your clients. Does it seem daunting to you? Don’t worry, it is not always easy to analyze your results and know which ones are relevant to your report. This duty can sometimes be long and tedious! In many cases, professionals skip this stage altogether and don’t even give reports to their clients because they feel overwhelmed with all the information they have to deal with. What about Google Data Studio? This Google 360 software will help you to visualize, analyze and report easily!

What is Google Data Studio?

For those who still don’t know GDS, let us walk you through it. For the others, a little clarification is always useful!

First, Google Data Studio is a new analysis tool included in Google Analytics 360 and available in the United States, for free or fee-paying, since the 30th of May 2016. There are only a few differences between the two versions, the most significant one being that only 5 reports are allowed with the free version. Google Analytics 360 Suite is intended for professionals in the marketing industry who wish to analyze their web data very precisely. Let’s talk about Data Studio! This tool enables you to visualize data from several sources and to create personalized and collaborative reports.

Our team has had the opportunity to try this new tool out, and we were completely sold! It represents a real uprising to the way we analyze our clients’ data.

How to use it?

With Google Data Studio, you can import data from many different sources such as: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, MySQL, Attribution 360, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets et d’autres Application Programming Interface (API). A huge choice opens up to you!

Here are the three main steps to use GDS:

  1. First of all, you need to deal with the “data management” step, meaning you have to connect your databases with GDS. Then, you need to prepare and transform your data (cleaning up, formats and fields selection) before the integration. The point here is to make the data usable.
  2. Secondly comes the “visualisation” step which refers to the setup of customizable reports. You must keep in mind that some templates exist, but you’re also able to start by creating your own. The choice is yours!
  1. Finally, you share your report! Only one click away, you can send your reports to your clients and partners. At this point, work can be collaborative, meaning your colleagues can modify the report directly on the plateforme.

Why use it?

Google Data Studio is particularly innovative in terms of marketing visualisation and performance. It has been completely built to simplify data reading and to let figures do the talking.

This tool enables you to gain and convert new clients thanks to a very granular analysis of data. You can also boost your digital strategy! Indeed, after the analysis, you should do your best to improve your results. This a good way to reinvent yourself constantly!

Finally, and we must insist on this: this tool will facilitate your life thanks to its ergonomic design and its dynamic and interactive reports which are easily updated. Moreover, it is particularly interesting because many people can add things to the report.

Some shortcomings…

Like every new product, this tool isn’t completely foolproof. For example, when it is time to share your reports, things can get confusing… Indeed, it is not possible to export the report in PDF format, which can represent a problem to send it to the client. Also, we unfortunately can not send it to the client directly from the platform.

Second point, you can’t directly import your data from social networks. Hopefully, some plugins, such as Super Metrics, exist in order to allow Google Sheets to receive and data from Facebook, Bing Ads, Instagram, SEMrush, LinkedIn, or Pinterest in order.

Finally, connectors such as MySQL and PostGreSQL doesn’t work on mutualized hosting. MySQL connexion isn’t secured: indeed the datas can be picked up during the transfer, the MySQL connexion to Data Studio not being encrypted.

Here is a video which will help throw yourself into the Data Studio adventure

Don’t hesitate to share with us your impressions and experiences about the plateforme!

Visualize and communicate your data easily with Google Data Studio?

Visualize and communicate your data easily with Google Data Studio?

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