If the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” seems legit, what about videos? Indeed, videos have become the web’s “must-have” for quite some time. The prominence of videos on the web has been around since 2005, also the birth year of video-sharing website YouTube. While this platform attracts around 4 million daily users, the video medium progressively stimulated developers’ imaginations and found its way to social mobile apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope.

Furthermore, videos are now creative content for companies which help them to develop within digital marketing. Today we focus on the rise of the video format within the digital sphere.

Video Formats on Social Media: The Growth of Immersive Digital Marketing.

360° Videos

The video medium’s success within the digital era brought numerous technologic innovations on social media. Indeed, the most recent trend in terms of videos, thanks to virtual reality’s rise, consists of offering innovative content to users, such as 360° videos. This format allows users to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s world. This innovation really charmed companies. In fact, the renowned travel agency voyage Club Med has launched a new marketing campaign using this video format to allow future travelers to immerse themselves in the holiday village of their choice via online content or virtual reality helmets displayed in certain outlets.

Live Videos

This second innovation places a strong emphasis on whatever is “happening right now.” This is partly thanks to the rising popularity of live videos on social media and brands can now offer video content to their customers and interact with them in real time. We can point to platforms such as Facebook and Periscope as examples of media which have included both the live feature as well as 360° videos to offer the best immersive experience to their users. Both these innovations show businesses’ interest in the customer experience, which is, de facto, enhanced by this notion of total immersion within a brand. They allow companies to elaborate on content such as “Behind The Scenes” or Q&As to boost customer relationships.

Different Video Formats for your Company

Viral Videos

Viral videos posted on social media have been around since the creation of platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion. However, we noticed that brands nowadays have new creative approaches to feed their social content and boost its quality in order to keep up with increasing competition within the digital universe. Internet videos convey quality promotional content which encourages users to visit a brand’s website and discover their products and services. For instance, the magazine L’Equipe recently launched its own social room on all of its social media channels (Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope). It is a sort of studio which will produce short and exclusive videos in order to capture the internet user’s attention.

En compagnie de Jérôme Cazadieu et Messaoud Benterki, Tony Estanguet est en direct avec vous pour une vingtaine de minutes. Posez-lui vos questions !

Publicado por L'EQUIPE em Quarta, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

Tutorials and Demos

The growth of the video medium can be of use to your business by sharing informative content to your customers. Indeed, tutorial videos are trending and numerous brands have used this method to showcase their products or services on social media, or to guide potential buyers on how to use their products. These types of videos are particularly popular on social networks: just look at Tasty which has become a huge success thanks to its cooking tutorials.

Game Day Spread: Ribs, Sliders, Pretzel Bombs #TastyGameDayFULL RECIPES: http://bzfd.it/2jGhznk

Publicado por Tasty em Domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2017

Storytelling Videos

Brands have the opportunity to establish and strengthen their image and create a bond with their customers via video content introducing the brand, their products and services, and their values thanks to storytelling videos. These types of videos will allow you as a business to share what you think sets you apart and will seduce prospective clients.

The Limits of the Video Format & Forecasts for 2017


While this format seems to be largely acclaimed by advertisers, it is important to shed light on some studies nuancing their eulogy. According to a study carried out by Parse.ly, this format would actually generate little engagement from Internet users – only 30%. This lack of engagement would, among other factors, be linked to a lack of optimization. On autoplay videos, users apparently feel like watching it is forced upon them, which usually makes them scroll past it. Moreover, the slow loading of the video could discourage many potential viewers.

Furthermore, another study by Pew Research Center has proven that the 18-29 year olds would pick text over videos. Conversely, it would appear that among 65+, only 27% prefer text, 58% favour videos.

Forecasts for 2017

In the face of the video format’s growth, two leading ideas arise: this format benefits from digital’s development to offer appealing and innovative content such as live videos or 360° video and this format is fastly becoming the “must have” marketing tool for businesses.

Advertisers are already getting used to it and creating perfected and innovative video content. As an example, the most viewed TV Channel in France, TF1, has recently become a minor shareholder of the Studio71 group in a bid to seduce the new generation and compete with platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion. The social media king, Facebook, has announced an update in its digital strategy with an optimization of its algorithm used for shared content on its actuality feed (basically it aims to better the quality of long videos.) The future of video looks incredibly bright!


Here at Outsmart Labs, we truly believe the growth of the video format within the digital universe is an added value for your business! Contact us to find out how we can improve your brand visibility through the use of video content.  

Video Formats in the Digital Sphere

Video Formats in the Digital Sphere

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