Want to share your interests, hobbies, passions through pictures? This is Pinterest’s mission! At the root of this idea, two words: “pin” and “interest”, which tells you everything about the social network. Created in 2010, Pinterest seduced brands in no time, allowing them to share their universe, inspirations and collections in the form of boards. Huge and undeniable advantage for companies: published and pinned contents are visible timelessly…which gives great visibility to their products! To get started on Pinterest, here are 10 tips which should help you!

1/ Take care of your SEO (this is the most important!)

The real advantage of Pinterest lies in the pin’s system: you define some keywords to put your pictures in categories and create albums. Indeed, Pinterest’s users see your pictures when they search for the keywords you have selected! A huge boost in visibility yes, but it should be well thought out… It is essential that you put yourself in the users’ place and that you think about what they could type in the searching tab. This way, you’ll certainly find the best way to reach them, particularly through hashtags. These are the result of competitive intelligence, thus you should be on the look-out for trendy hashtags that would increase your posts’ visibility!

GoPro, for example, uses the keyword “Landscapes” to index their images. Their communication is particularly interesting, using good wordings which showcase every tips we gave you!


2/ Carefully choose the description on each posts

The choice of your pictures’ meta is essential. This step is crucial because it reinforces your credibility on the social network and it reflects your brand image and your communication. It must be well thought-out. For example, if you publish some products’ pictures, then you could indicate their characteristics (size, materials, usage, etc.). If it is some cookery pictures for instance, why not add recipe ideas? Potential buyers love to get tips on a product they’re eyeing up. It improves their purchasing experience! The key word of this step is inspiration: you have to entice the users to click and interact. That is why the use of emojis and hashtags is advised.


3/ Always redirect on your website

You should begin to understand the relevance of Pinterest, so don’t miss out on driving traffic to your website! We advise you to add the link to your website on every picture, board or pin you publish. It will create an intern network, which brings visibility to your website thanks to natural referencing. Call to actions such as “Buy” or “See” are also relevant to convert Pinterest’s users in consumers: Pinterest represents an added value for this!

Thanks to Pinterest Analytics, you can find out which pins are the most popular in your audience, discover the contents they saved from your website and know more about the real needs of your clients. You only need a professional account to get started.


4/ Add Pinterest to your website

Inversely, it’s wise to create the link to your Pinteret’s account and your website. Then, you can integrate your pins on your website to create a photo album which will give visibility to your social network’s page! Don’t hesitate to integrate the “Pin it” call to action to enhance the sharing of your pictures and increase the reach of your publication!

This direct link between your Pinterest and your website will benefit  your company: highlighting links improves natural referencing on Google, and in turn, your notoriety!


5/ Create traffic through ads

A new advertising format just came out on Pinterest: you can now promote your content. It won’t appear on the user’s “Home page”, but it will be at the top of the results page when they are looking for keywords you’ve used. The advertising campaign is called “Promoted pins”. It is the sponsoring of a classic pin transforming it into an ad by choosing a very precise targeting in order to increase the visibility of your posts and generate more shares and clicks to your website.


6/ Be active on the social network

We won’t stop pestering you about it: on social networks, you need to be particularly active if you want to be noteworthy. Post regularly, like similar content, follow back people who follow you… So many ways to show interest in other users who will hopefully return the love.


7/ Diversify your boards thematics

The creation of theme boards is a good way to broadcast your content to categories of people who are potentially interested. Create some specific and diversified thematics in order to target people who are likely to re-pin your pictures. For example, a cosmetic brand can create a “summer cosmetics” board, to limit the target and have more chances to touch the right user. Each themed board represents a viral content which attracts people’s attention!


8/ Launch contests

When we get started on social networks, whether it be Pinterest or another, it is not always easy to get new followers. Contests are a good way to attract qualified followers because it means that they are potentially interested in your brand if they play the game! This technique enables you to highlight your products but also to make users participate, inviting them to share pictures of them with your products: it ads credibility to your brand and increases your notoriety. Some platforms lets you create contest easily: Woobox and Votigo are popular ones.

La Redoute started a contest up in March 2016 which invited the participants to create a board in order to highlight La Redoute’s products.


9/ Share some exclusive and qualified content

The more you share qualified content, the more likely it is that it will reach the right target. Indeed, you only need to post qualified and specific to make Pinterest’s users want to interact with them as well as liking, commenting and sharing them. This strategy offers fast results thanks to the snowball effect: as soon as a certain number of people interact with your pictures, they benefit from an increased visibility.


10/ From time to time, reorganise your boards

This last tip aims to ensure the durability of your strategy on the social network. Organizing your account enables you to show a serious and tidy image of your company, which gives credibility to your brand. But that’s not all, it also insures that you do not drift away from your original strategy and that your contents stay as qualified as ever, in order to target the better people!


Still hesitant? The Outsmart Labs’ experts can guide you in your future plan! 

Pros: 10 tips to get started on Pinterest

Pros: 10 tips to get started on Pinterest

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