Facebook “for the professionals” just made some changes helping you to improve your digital communication and your statistics. Here are 4 news that we find daily useful for a good communication and gestion!


Test your audiences with distribution test

What is it? Distribution tests are different ensembles of publicities which enable to understand which strategy gives the best results. Your potential reach will be divided between your ensembles to get sharp results. Likewise, your budget is also divided up, either equitably or according to a rate that you would have chosen. Indeed, you can moderate the distribution of your budget: 60% of it is given to one of the two audiences and the 40% left to the other, for example.

As A/B tests, distribution tests enable you to test different versions of your publicities in order to see what works best and improve your future publicities.

For example, distribution tests enable announcers to try easily the same publicity on two different audiences to know near by which one it works best. It also enables to test two spread optimization, as conversions or clicks on the links, in order to determine which one gives the best results.

Announcers use distribution tests to interpret the way changes of different variables as these ones can influence on publicities effectiveness. By the way, Facebook also offers to end the distribution test when of the two versions provided gives the best results!


Choose integrate videos as new placement for your publicities

What is the point? Integrate videos offer a new possibility to touch audiences. You broadcast a video publicity of 5 to 15 seconds directly in others videos such as directs or videos on demand.

Because targeting for integrate videos is based on your audiences, people who look at the same video see different publicities depending on their interests.

How to set it up? Integrate publicities are available are distinct placements, but not self-sufficient, in Publicities administrator and in Power Editor.

What for? Integrate publicities are available for different goals: video vues, brand fame and interaction with the publicity. You must keep in mind that they have to be used with actuality feed.

Announcers can choose the integrate option for new or actual campaigns and pub reports are readable separately to judge the performances.



Use GIFs, a new post format

What is it? GIF, or from its complete name Graphics Interchange Format, is digital images format currently used on the Internet.

What is its point? The use of GIF on Facebook will enable you to catch the look and to provide your message in only a few seconds, especially that these ones are not much used for now: the users aren’t still not used to it.

Why use it? GIF can help you create a demonstration, that is to say in only one format you can explain the use of a tool, a device or even a software. You make the life of your followers easier and they will be even more grateful!

They can also be useful in your communication strategy. Whether it be to highlight your success or to thank your community, create a specific GIF to communicate permits you to enforce your brand image.

GIFs increase more easily your engagement rate!


Take advantage of the “Invite” spot

What is the point? When someone likes one of your posts but he isn’t part of your community yet, you can invite him to join it with the “Invite” spot. It enables you to spread your community and to target people who already are interested about you. Thanks to this, you will see your community and your interaction rate deploy themselves fast.

Where is it? You will find this spot next to the name of every people who like your posts.


Facebook is constantly improving and it is important to get on the page regularly! Do not hesitate to share with us the novelties we missed!


Professionals: Facebook news to improve your communication!

Professionals: Facebook news to improve your communication!

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