You must have noticed that Apple is constantly changing, whether it be phones or operating system. This year, Apple gave pride of place to Apps’ updating and use of Apple’s products! iOS 11 is offering lots of changes, supposed to bring about a revolution to iPhone or iPad.

Here is what we have caught hold of Apple’s news and the ones which have delighted us the more!


Use differently your iPhone or your iPad

The famous Apple brand doesn’t stop innovating! Lately, some changes have been done to improve your experience:

  • Your iPhone and your iPad turn on when you take them in hand.
  • Go even further with Home Start Home App! In only a few clicks, you can control your house remotely: domotic even more connected provided to everybody thanks to iPhone!

Your control room personalizes itself with widgets of your choice such as:

  • A vocal memo request,
  • The light,
  • The calculator,
  • The control of your house with Home Start Home.

Moreover, you can use the 3D Touch in control room to unbolt the others requests.

IOS cares for you

From now on, the iPhone spots that you are driving and don’t annoy you with messages, notifications or calls. People who are trying to contact you are automatically informed that you are busy.


Message App looks like a new woman

Message App has done a great path since its beginning… Lately, news have been updated:

  • Shortcuts to access others applications exist and documents sharing is easier.
  • To complete your sentences, some words are suggested.
  • If you say a friend you are on your way, then he can estimate when you will meet him.
  • The software even offers to optimize your messages and to replace some of your words with relative emojis.
  • Finally, the biggest change according to us is to be able to answer messages from the notification. Now you can see all the conversation directly into the notification, and not only the last message received!


A big progression for Siri

Siri also knows big changes with iOS 11:

  • Thanks to iOS 11, Siri directly translates what you say, whether it be oral or written.
  • Apple Music knows your tastes and becomes a real personal DJ. Ask Siri to play on the music: he will choose a song you love or one you would love. He can also answer some questions such as “Who plays battery on this song?”.
  • While you are typing, Siri suggests you movies’ titles, places… Everything you have looked up recently. If you say a friend that you are on your way, he can estimate your arrival time.
  • From now on, Siri suggests requests in Safari about what you just read on. And if you confirm a fly or a reservation in a hotel, he asks you if you want to schedule it on your calendar.

With Plan, you’ll never get lost anymore

GPS function of your iPhone enables you to improve the Plan application. Several plan options are available:

  • City’s plan,
  • Transports’ plan.

Finally, the App has created links with others applications: you can from now on book directly from Plan a table in a restaurant or a Uber’s ride, for example!

Personalization of Photos and Videos Apps

The news is the Live photo now available: this one suggests you some slideshow of your most wonderful and beautiful pictures. You can also replace the format of your Live photos in three types:

  • Boucle format is a Live photo which repeats itself in a loop.
  • Bounce format looks like boomerang effect widespread on Instagram.
  • Long pose format slows down your images: for example, a waterfall becomes a water swarm.

Apple provides also new filters and tuning, in order to compete with retouching photo Apps. Video App a well evolved: it gives you the possibility to personalize your videos, to add some stickers, pictures or legends on it.


iOS 11 revolutionizes your pay way on the Internet

Apple banks on payment dematerialization. You will soon be able to send directly money to your contacts with iMessage and Pay Apps liaison. How to facilitate your payback process without losing any time.


App Store brought up to date

App Store has been totally thought back through this new version of iOS. A new interface is available and provides you especially daily chronicles, via the Today tab.

With new tabs, it is even more easy to find the last trendy App or game you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

For developers, good news: Apple announced that the access to App Store for new applications will be facilitated.


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iOS 11 available this autumn!

iOS 11 available this autumn!

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