Tips On Making Your Social Media Images Interesting Yet Relevant

Tips On Making Your Social Media Images Interesting Yet Relevant

Revisiting our series on content creation, we’re now going to advise your small business on how to make sure your image posts are interesting and relevant. We emphasized the power of pictures in our post on Instagram. Luckily, Instagram is far from being the only social media platform to display images. Here are some tips on how to liven up your photo feeds:

Know Your Target Audience

This should be the first step in any marketing approach. Thus, posting immaculate photos of the beach might make your post look cool, but it most likely isn’t going to reach your business’s target segment. Not only is it important to make your image posts relevant to your specific industry, but attracting views from the right people is also significant.

Know Your Social Media Platform

If you need a refresher on the basic elements of each platform, look back at our series on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Each one has a unique layout and all facilitate the sharing of pictures, but each in a different style. For instance, a picture post on Twitter is attached to a brief statement that explains the purpose or nature of the picture before the user can see the image. If your followers are interested enough by the text to view the picture, then make sure your picture doesn’t disappoint them. Instagram attracts users with the picture first, and then allows for a string of comments. Your picture doesn’t have to be mind blowing, but its content should catch the eyes of your followers before they scroll down the rest of their picture feed. Facebook presents text and pictures pretty evenly, which makes pairing them together important. Both the description and image should be equally compelling.

Be An Explorer

Not everyone is or has a creative team, which is why there are plenty of online tools to help shape up your images to pristine condition for posting. Explore these softwares praised by Social Media Examiner for some fresh ideas. It’s also  good idea to watch trends on different social media platforms and post accordingly if it relates to your audience or industry. Check out these top Instagram trends for  2013. Also, you might think you hit the perfect content strategy for your business, but make sure to try things out. Afterwards, analyze which posts get the most traffic and find trends among your content.

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